Today was a good day.

I had a good night sleep until i wet myself. Yes, hard to admit, but it happens. 10 times a day. I am a baby you know. But this time my diaper was already so full that it leaked. The bed was wet and uncomfy. Dad had already gone to work and Mom was sleeping. Nobody was there to help. I had nothing else to do than cry, cry and cry some more. Eventually Mom woke up, looked at me and said: Continue reading “Today was a good day.”


So, who am I..

I am a little, cute, clever and dreadfully funny Estonian boy.. but:

It all started in March 2016. Mom & Dad had just arrived back from their snowboarding trip when they found out they were expecting me. They told me they were surprised, although I know dad wasn’t. Ok, even he was surprised, but I wasn’t. Continue reading “So, who am I..”