So, who am I..

I am a little, cute, clever and dreadfully funny Estonian boy.. but:

It all started in March 2016. Mom & Dad had just arrived back from their snowboarding trip when they found out they were expecting me. They told me they were surprised, although I know dad wasn’t. Ok, even he was surprised, but I wasn’t.

They had already done their wedding plans to be married in May. So it all came together. Times went by – A really nice summer with my newlywed parents and even the winter and snow came in October, yes – in October. This is normal in Estonia.

Eventually I could not stand this situation anymore and decided to be born on 22-nd of November. Mom & Dad were happy, I saw it in theys faces. Even though my head was weirdly shaped in the first few days.

At the moment we have just started this blog, webpage, BLOB or whatever it eventually will become. I am Two. Months. Old. I have just discovered how delicious my hands are and that Mom & Dad are extremely happy when I smile while they make stupid-stupid faces and sounds.img_4520

Well, let’s see what happens next.

Tobias, with Mom & Dad (who both actually write it, I can barely control my hands).

Oh, they gave me two names, but lets keep the other one a secret.


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