Today was a good day.

I had a good night sleep until i wet myself. Yes, hard to admit, but it happens. 10 times a day. I am a baby you know. But this time my diaper was already so full that it leaked. The bed was wet and uncomfy. Dad had already gone to work and Mom was sleeping. Nobody was there to help. I had nothing else to do than cry, cry and cry some more. Eventually Mom woke up, looked at me and said: Tobias, my love, let´s sleep a bit more. I was like, hell no, help me! Finally the old lady (yes, Mom is old, she is already 27) moved herself and while she was hugging me she understood that I was wet. She took me to the bathroom, removed my stinky wet clothes and washed me in the sink. It felt SOOOO good!


When I was all cleaned up and naked, Mom decided, that we should have some naked play time. She thinks that I have a diaper rush or something, I don´t now, I think that I have just a nice butt with some lovely red dots on it. She picked me up and all of a sudden – I had to poo. Like, really-really had to. I tried to hold myself back but the urge was bigger than my will and then it happened. It slipped out. The first time in my life I had pooped on my Mom. She was wearing her favorite dressing gown that Dad had bought her. I pooed all over it. Mom was not very happy. But thankfully she loves me so much that she wasn’t angry at all. Thank´s mum and sorry, things happen!img_5413

Then we did all the usual things – we ate, watched The Bold and the Beautiful, yes, my Mom is a freak, she loves that tv-show. I like only Brooke. Played a little and then I fell asleep in my Mom´s arms. I had slept only fifteen minutes when I felt that Mom was dressing me. The gloves, the hat, the jumper, overalls – we are going out to get some fresh air! – I thought happily, and threw up. Mom smiled, changed my clothes and we went out. Not with a stroller, but with a cradle in our awesome red car. I thought that we are going to have a nice long ride ahead and fell asleep.

10 minutes of good sleep, and there she was, already undressing me. What the heck, I thought and opened my eyes. I saw a strange lady. She was smiling at me.

Mom had taken all my clothes off! At least she left a nappy on. She put me on a big table and the strange lady started touching me. At first it was a bit weird, but then it started to feel soooo nice. The lady massaged me all over, from head to toe. Actually she started with toes. She had really nice soft hands which released the stiffness in my muscles. After 20 minutes I felt a bit tired and the lady (who I had started to like) stopped. I was so relaxed. As soon as my body touched the cradle I fell asleep.img_5430

Now my body is relaxed and I just saw a dream about a big blue bunny who wanted to steal my milkshake. I managed to stop him! I am a hero!

 But this is it for now, have a nice evening all you lovely people!


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