Bun intended.

Happy bunday to you all! I’m full of buns, how many have you had? Teaser – the BEST BUNS ever are in cafe Ristikheina! My Mom and Ella’s mom ordered like.. 7 buns! Yes, they like to eat. Okay, maybe some of them were meant to our dads, but still. These were so good!

Yesterday the lovely massage lady visited me. She told that I have strained muscles. Don´t know why! Mom has to rub me now. I like massage so I´m happy about that! Otherwise, my body is quite okay, I´m almost ready to cringe! Can´t wait. I have so big plans for the time I can move myself properly!

I´m not a jealous boy and I can share info about my masseuse. Her name is Marion and you can find information about her in here.

(To be clear – this is not an ad, I just like her!)IMG_0499.JPG

Today was a weird day. Dad didn´t go to work again! He´s sick or something. So he´s in a home office. I think that I want to work also in a home office someday. This sounds nice. Wake up, drink coffee, work, eat, work.. Sounds like a perfect plan! Mom told that I´m going to be a chef, but I like my plan much better! Home officer. Or I can be a chef at home office? Home office chef dude. Bake buns whenever I want! Coolio!

Oh, dreams!

Today I saw Ella again! Tuesdays are our swimming days. So many other babies were with us this time! Like 8 or something. They were all so cute! There was so much chatting in the changing room, you gossip girls! We were both quite tired with Ella after the long training so yes, we fell asleep again. It’s like a curse. Every time we see, we sleep, which means we basically don’t see! One day we will pull ourselves together and actually play.img_0442

And we are going to have a movie date! I don´t know exactly when, but Mom said soon! So much fun!

After the swim thing we went to Ristikheina cafe as I mentioned earlier. It was so funny. All the people who entered the cafe wanted to buy some buns. But the buns were sold out. And people were so sad. We were also sad at first, but then the next patch of buns arrived and we got ours! Like really, if you haven´t had yours already, then go straight to Ristikheina! Your evening will be so much nicer, trust me!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Dad was also very thankful for the lovely buns we brought. I can not get over the bun thing as you can see. Bunbunbun! It’s bunny. Buntastic! Bunjour! If I was a super hero’s I’d belong to the Buntastic four! Or If a bun bit me, I’d become a sbunderman.

Our home store in Viimsi, Violia, sells also quite good buns. Mom is thinking about buying a few more. Just in case. There can never be too many buns, right?

On the side note – I have a doctors visit on Friday. I have trouble with digesting stuffs.

I´ll end this post now, or I´m going to tell you more about buns. Do you like your buns with or without jam? My favorites are with jam. A lot of jam! Other ones are so… blah! Like fake buns. Who likes fake buns? Phhhh.

Have a lovely evening with lots of buns my little and big friends!

Bun you later!

Tobias the Bunman



They disappoint me all the time. I love them.

Hi my lovely peeps!

So much has happened! Actually less, than I hoped, but still. Where do I start?

So, Estonian Independence Day was on Friday. We were at my friends place in Tartu with my favorite babysitter Chai. She is so lovely! She kissed me a lot and occupied my rocking chair. She looked so cute in there so I didn´t protest. Look! How could someone be mad at her?

Dad on the other hand disappointed me. He was supposed to wake up 3 days in a row with us. But what did he do? He woke up even earlier than he does on weekdays and left. Like, Dad. Come on. I wanted to kiss you and play with you and hug you and then kiss you again! Luckily his home sick now, so I compensated for the weekend by slapping him in the morning.

On Friday we visited Estonian National Museum. The building was so huge! And there were so many people! This time we didn´t took the actual tour, we just went to see the Tartu Marathon race center. Mom promised, that someday we´ll actually visit the whole thing. Can´t wait!

In the evening was the reception of Estonian President. It was sooo boring! I don´t have anything to compare it with, but yes, the reception part was like on fast forward. Everything happened so fast. I didn´t even had a change to look all the dresses properly. People had to move like they were standing in line to get in a bus. So disappointed! Mom was too. But I liked Anniky Lamp´s dress. That was so pretty! I am the next Zenja Fokin you know.

As Mom was feeling a bit down (she is quite stupid and walks outside with her jacket open in front so no wonder she caught a cold) and Dad had to work on Saturday, I didn´t make it to Tartu Marathon´s children´s race. That was hard to accept. I had waited for that so long! It´s still Tartu Marathon! One of the most important sports events that takes place in Estonia. And I missed it! The children´s race though, but still! Don´t know how I can forgive my parents (Xbox maybe)?

So, instead of being active Mom wanted to get her eyebrows done. Mom. Really? Luckily the eyebrow lady turned out to be a mother of my future good friend Aron! They live in Tartu, but soon they are moving to Viimsi, so we can see each other quite often! Another new friend, what a happy puppy I am!

Unfortunately I was quite tired from being disappointed by not getting my third gold medal so I fell asleep while we were driving to visit them. Aron was luckily also sleeping most of the time. Her Mom was so nice. She had baked a cake and she borrowed me a swimming belt. Next weekend, when we are going to Kubja Spa (I´ll tell you about that some other day), I am not going to drown! That’s nice of her!17012459_10212592886846041_1809924980_n

Saturday night we spent in a hotel. Enjoyed some nice soft sheets again and slept very well! We were very well rested with Mom when we woke up at 10 o´clock on Sunday. Dad had to wake up 5.45 am. Felt a bit bad for him. But someone has to bring the money home, you know!

When we were done with our lovely breakfast we headed to Otepää, to Tartu Marathon. There were so many friendly people! I even met a nice French guy who worked with Dad. He invited me to France! I think that I am going. He lives in the Alpes, so maybe next year! Then I´m big enough to snowboard. Oh my! I´m so excited! Can´t wait for that time to come!img_0317.jpg

To sum up. I had a very lovely weekend! Spent some good time with some old friends and found so many new ones! Hope to see them all very soon again!

Today the massage lady is coming to rub me a little and tomorrow I´m going to see Ella again! Swimming lessons, here we come!

Tomorrow is the Shrove Tuesday, eat a lot of split pea soup and many buns!

XO, Tobias


Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The illness isn´t an excuse

Hey hey hey my beloved readers! So, it happened. Mom is ill. She looks so cute. With a red nose and everything. Like a Rudolph! Yes, I know who Rudolph is, I already existed when Christmastime was!

I tried to behave nicely at night. I didn´t manage to pull an all-nighter, but at least I tried! Good enough. My birthdays evening was chill, had finally some cake at my friend´s place and cried a few hours before going to bed. Nice!16923997_10212557844890014_1182833956_n

Today we are going to Tartu. Now Mom has to do some work. Dad is also at work.

I have boring parents. Who wants to come to play with me? I´m really cute. And I smile if I like you. Anyone?

When Mom gets her work done then she has to pack. And shower. Don´t forget that Mom. You stink a little. The illness isn´t an excuse.

I have not decided which toys I´m going to take with me. And how many pijamas. Have hard decisions to make. Hope that Chai is waiting for me. I definitely can´t wait to see her! Maybe we can even sleep together? Or, I don´t know. She snores a lot. Even louder than Dad does.

Mom told that tomorrow is Estonian´s Independence Day. We are going to have a fancy-pancy dinner at Chai´s parents place, watch President´s reception and criticize all the pretty and not so pretty dresses. I think, that´s going to be my favorite part of the night. During the day we´re going to some hiking tracks or just to the woods. Dad doesn´t know that yet. I hope he agrees!

How about you? What are your plans for tomorrow? Waiting for my new post I am sure! Admit it, you like me!

But yes, hope you all enjoy your long weekend and maybe I´m going to see some of you on Tartu marathon?!?



Happy birthday to meee!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee. I am 3 months old! I am a big boy now! Yesterday I wasn´t, but now I am. What a difference a day makes!

My birthday didn´t actually start very well. I felt myself quite badly at night and so I cried a lot. I didn´t want to sleep in my bed. I just wanted Mom to hold me. Only then could I feel well. So maybe I am not quite that big yet? Sorry Mom, that I didn´t let you sleep very well. I know that you are feeling yourself a bit ill, but I am a baby. I hope you understand! I´ll make it up to you! I promise to be a good boy tonight and sleep like a baby! Wait. Oh, okay. I´ll do my best! Is that enough?16899944_10212549633244728_1478998061_n

I had my doctor’s appointment in the morning. She was so nice this time! Last time I was a bit bad and didn´t lift my head nor reacted to different noises. So she was mean to Mom because she didn´t do enough things with me. Actually she did, I was just sneaky. This time I held my head like way too long! The doctor was very satisfied with me. I also got an injection. That hurt. I cried a bit. But only a bit! Big boy, remember? I am also in a healthy weight (not chubby, Mom!) and all the other stuff was okay also.

After the doctor´s visit we went for a walk with my new friend Evan. We both slept the whole time. Typical, I would say! It was cold and windy outside! Not the best walking weather. Hope that Mom didn´t catch a cold and is still healthy enough to go to Tartu tomorrow!

Have I already mentioned that we are going to have a long weekend in Tartu? Can´t recall that. But yes. We are going to Tartu tomorrow and we are staying there until Sunday. I am going to see Chai! Chai is the best babysitter ever! Btw, she is a dog. I like her so much! And on Saturday I am having my third ski-marathon. Whooop! What a busy weekend ahead. Hope that Mom really isn´t that ill and we can do all these fun things. Dad on the other hand is busy again. He is working at the marathon with some french dude. Probably doing something important. Don’t know entirely, didn’t get myself involved.

Tonight I am hoping to get my cake and spend awesome time at my friends place. Mom and Dad also have to pack. We have so many things to take with us tomorrow! We need a bigger car. Or Mom has to sell some of her clothes. Or not take so many of them with us? Decisions – decisions.

Thank you all who have wished me happy birthday! Love you all! Hugs!









That was a nice afternoon. One of the best ones I have had!

Today was the day of my first swim. I wasn´t too keen on the idea in the morning though. Mom woke me up too early. It wasn´t even 9 o´clock, but then I remembered that I am going to see Ella there! Whooop! AND I was excited!16924153_10212541740887424_1494966437_n

After some morning stuff – eating, a lot of peeing, throwing up on Mom (three times) we were finally ready to go! I slept a little in the car to have as much energy as possible. When we arrived to Reval Sport (yes, they have baby swimming also and I am a baby as you all know), Ella and her Mom were already there. It was so good to see them. It had already been a week since the last time!

My Mom is slow. We were almost late to the swimming class but somehow we managed to get ready on time. I had my very fancy swimming diapers on. They have a picture of Nemo. Man, I looked cool! Luckily Mom didn´t put me in an embarrassing situation and I didn´t have to be naked in front of Ella (or actually I did, but I´ll tell about that later).

Swimming was so awesome! We did different kind of exercises and I also did a dive! Yes, a dive! We weren´t supposed to, but I wanted to impress Ella. I think she liked that! We were the only kids there, so it was like a personal training. Cool!

I think that the swim-thing is going to be a permanent hobby of mine. I feel so good in the water. Like a fish. As an upside – blokes at home don’t have to wash me so often! Haah, no. You still have to. Don´t get your hopes up!

When the long and tiring swim was over, we did a little wash-up in a huge bathroom. All the other people in there were women. I was the only boy. Luckily Mom kept my diapers on!

But then we arrived to the changing room, Mom took off my cute Nemo´s swimmers and then.. our locker´s door didn´t open. Mom and some other lady tried and tried but it didn´t open, so Mom went to call for help. She left me there on the baby thingy with Ella’s Mom! Naked! Totally naked! I was a bit overwhelmed, so I peed on myself. I think that Ella saw that. Not too shabby. Hope she forgets that soon!

Well, everything ended happily. Mom got our things from the locker, I got my milk and the best part – we didn´t come straight home! Mom wanted to eat. That meant that we could hang a bit more with Ella. We were both quite tired from the swim so we decided to chat another time and were just happy sleeping next to each other. That was a nice afternoon. One of the best ones I have had!16901446_10212541727327085_255253715_n

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday!! Yes, I am going to be three months old! I have quite a busy day planned. In the morning, I am going to have my doctor´s appointment. After that I am going for a walk with hopefully my new friend Evan. And in the evening I am going to visit a sweet friend of mine. I’ve seen her once. Hope to have a good night sleep to have energy to do all these things!

Don´t forget to wish me happy birthday tomorrow!

Have a happy Tuesday night and remember to watch Sherlock! It´s the second favorite show of mine. The first one is the Bold and the Beautiful (as you already know). Go Team Brooke! Give me a B, give me a R, give me a oh crap – I’m a boy. Forget it ever happened.





The Ultimate cross-country skier

It´s snowing! Or not. It´s still not snow, it´s blaah!

So where do I begin? Friday we had the wineclub and it went very well! I didn´t drink a lot. Only milk. I’m a good boy you know! Liisu has grown so much since the last time I saw her. And she was even cuter! She gave me lots of kisses, which was nice. A bit wet, but nice.16830205_10212532485616048_1519740253_n

When I will be bit bigger, we are going to have so much fun together. This time she was more interested in my robot than me. But I understand. I can be quite boring from time to time. Parents behaved also quite nicely. Thanks for that!

Unfortunately we had to wake up very early on Saturday morning (Dad sleeps even longer on workdays) so we couldn´t stay for very long. We were home already an hour before midnight. I went straight to bed. Oh my, was I tired!

Then Saturday arrived! The day of my second mini-marathon! That went very well! This time Dad was the good one and skied with me. It was so icy, so thank god HE did it. Mom would have fell more than I could count. She is quite uncoordinated, remember?

The other little mini-marathoners all fell. And they cried. I felt sorry for them. But at least I stayed unharmed! Sidenote – we were late for the start and we weren´t still last to finish! My Dad is so awesome. And fast. Thanks Dad!

And now I have TWO GOLD MEDALS. How many medals do you have? I am so proud of myself. On 25th there will be the Tartu Marathon´s mini-race. Hint – hint. Who is going to have three (!!!) gold medals very soon? Yes, that´s meeee!!16831339_10212532519856904_476770092_n

After the race, I was hangry. Yes, hangry. No words could describe how badly I wanted to eat so I became angry! And after some milk I fell. Like very hard. To sleep. I slept and slept and then slept a bit more. How nice was that! When I woke up, we were not in Kõrvemaa anymore. We had already arrived to my very good friend´s country house.

I like it in there. I welcomed my very first New Year also in that place. People are all so friendly and they all want to hold me and play with me there. I am never bored when I am with them. Thanks, guys! And I can sleep outside. In my pram, so I am fresh and happy and well rested!

Unfortunately we didn´t skate. And parents didn´t took me to the sauna with them. I did not like that. I expressed how disappointed I was with some (or a lot) crying and Mom had to ditch the sauna and play with me. I am evil sometimes, I know. But I wanted to have some company! We had a good time, the two of us. Mom took some funny pictures of us also but they are too personal to show you. Yes, some things I have to keep to my own. Hope you understand!

Yesterday was a quiet day. Had some pancakes and parents published my Facebook page. So go and put „like“ if you still haven´t!

Tomorrow I am going swimming for the first time! Boy, am I excited! Ella is also coming with her Mom. I hope that Mom doesn´t forget to put some pants on me when we are swimming. I am a bit shy you know. And she is still a girl! And our relationship is not in this stage.

Anyhow, can´t wait for tomorrow! Maybe Mom even films me when I am underwater. Then I can show you some cool shots! Hope you all have a nice start for the week! Kisses!


Cloudy, with a chance of cake.

What´s happening? Outside, I mean. Where is the sun and the birds? I hate it. The rain. And other wet stuff that´s coming from the sky. It´s not snow. If something has to fall then it should be snow. Or Cake. In this case, I would invite all my friends to sleigh riding and out for a cake!

Near my house is a big big mountain where all the children are sliding ups and downs when snowy. I want to do that already! And then I want to skate. But I think I’m too little for this. Maybe next year? Or maybe on Mom´s belly in that belly bag? Maybe not. I would be broken all over. Because Mom is not very good on skates. Or sleighs. Or skis. Or bikes. But she’s pretty good at driving though.

Today I can´t go outside. But in the evening. I am going to visit Liisu! Liisu is a good friend of mine. She is a lot older (like 4 months older), but still, she´s awesome! I think we are going to have a good time together!16809059_10212501219074404_1130705576_n

Our families have a club. No. Not a book club. They have a wine club. Yes. A wine club. Mom told me that it used to be so much fun. They gathered almost every Thursday – my parents, Liisu’s parents, uncle Heino and his girlfriend. They cooked and enjoyed good food and wine.

Then my Aunt got pregnant with Liisu. And my Mom got pregnant with me. So, for them it wasn´t too much fun anymore. They had to satisfy with food. And the good company of course! I think they were okay with that. But now, when Liisu and I are getting older then the wine club can be almost as awesome as it used to be! And today it´s on Friday, so no one has to work tomorrow! Except Dad. Whoop! Can´t wait for tonight!

Tomorrow is the Tallinn Ski Marathon. It´s in Kõrvemaa. I hope that all the snow doesn´t melt and the marathon is still happening.

Why didn´t I see any of you in Alutaguse Marathon? You should fix your mistake and come to see me (and ski with me) in Kõrvemaa! I really hope, that some of you can make it. I promise it’s sooo awesooome! Ella, Liisu, Marta? Someone? Yes? At 11.20 the Mini Estoloppet´s Saare children race (my race) starts, hope to see you there!

As you already saw, my page has a new design. Dad didn´t like the old one and he changed it. I think that it was a good decision. To be honest, I didn´t like the old one at all. I was so ugly on the header. But now there are clouds and a bunny! How awesome is that!

Dad is also making me a facebook page. I´ll let you know when it´s ready! Then you can be the first to know when I have a new post. And I can share some other cool stuff with you!

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Tomorrow after the Marathon I am going to my friend´s country home. We are going to stay there overnight. And there is a lake! And my friend has skates! Maybe..? Maybe I CAN SKATE?!!??? Pretty please, Dad! I trust and believe in you!



The reception. The birds!

Today is such a beautiful day again. Sun is shining and all. Chill. The best thing is sleeping outside when the sun is shining on my chubby face and birds are singing. Am I a romantic? Or what is happening? I need to be a tough guy. No more such sweet talk. Or maybe it’s spring that’s gone to my head and heart?

Okay. Stop. Yesterday. Oh my. First there was that reception I talked about. It was.. quite boring to be honest. Like. There was a lady who played with bells. Yes, bells. Three songs. You can imagine how 25 babies felt when the final and very long song(can you call it a song if there is no words?) was over. A relief! Then a guy spoke something, but since he had a quiet voice I couldn´t hear a thing. Or was it because I was chatting with my new friends? Who knows. Anyway. I have two new friends! One is a boy. He is older than me. A week or something. And the other one is a little girl, she is two months old. I hope that her Mom isn’t be mad at me because of that picture below. I like having new friends! After the talking part was over, all the babies got goodie bags. I got a spoon. A plaid. A book. And a flower. I wasn´t very thrilled. But at least there was a cake. That was a success!16780161_10212487860740454_933984638_n

In the evening. I don´t know what got into my parents heads. But they put me to sleep at 9 o’ clock! Like whaaaat? And the worst part. They put me to sleep in my own bed. Yes, I have my own bed. Usually it is covered with Moms clothes, but Dad. He took all the things out of the bed and moved it next to their bed. And they put ME in it!! How dare they. So, it meant that I had to sleep in there. Like the whole night. At first I wasn´t very happy. But Mom put on some nice music and in front of my eyes were some funny bunnies. They moved like Mick Jagger. I liked them. And the music. I don´t know how but I fell asleep! Yes, I did. And to be honest, it didn´t feel that bad! At night Mom woke up four times, moved me into their bed, gave me my so loved milk and then put me back into my bed. Actually it was quite cool to sleep on my own. Like a big boy. Not like a baby who sleeps with his parents. Phh. I am awesome!! I think I could get used to that. Let´s see what tonight brings!

Okay guys. I am going back to sleep now. Mom thinks she is so clever. She walks with me outside and when we get back home she puts me to sleep in the bathroom. We have a huge window in the bathroom. She opens it so all the fresh air can come inside and I can hear birds singing. She thinks it makes me sleep better. Those birds. I have to stop. Now..

XO! Your favourite little guy, Tobias16790691_10212487878140889_792194455_n

That meant she liked me, right?

I hope you guys had all a happy and joyful Valentine’s Day!

I sure did.

In the morning I went to see a dentist. With Mom. Actually she went to see that scary lady. I was just chilling with her.
Mom has to eat less chocolate, so her teeth would stay attached. But now the damage is already done and she has to spend a lot of money to fix her teeth. I hope that I don´t suffer from that. I still want the new toys and stuff. I haven´t buried the hope to get that very needed Xbox! You hear me Mom? Dad? Especially Mom (since Dad would have already bought it). When am I going to get my Xbox?

Later.. later it was time for what you all have been waiting for – my first date!
Luckily Mom didn’t embarrass us and we brought some flowers with us. After all, it was Valentine’s Day AND a first date AND my date had a 3 month birthday!

Our date, to sum up, went well(-ish)! At first, we slept together. An hour or so. Yes, nowadays dates are like that. Sleeping together comes first. We are the new generation you know. Or just babies.16734865_10212472995568834_780477709_o

Suddenly, I don´t know what happened. We woke up and I was SO shy! I just stared at her knees. Or out of the window. Or somewhere else. When she turned her head away, I peeked a little. Man, I couldn´t pull myself together and look into her eyes.

I was afraid.

When our moms finally put us on the play mat, I pulled myself together and looked at her. She was so sweet! I think she liked me too. She put her fingers up my nose. That has to mean that she likes me, right? Fingers crossed!16804523_10212472995528833_2035771589_o

So we chilled on the play mat a bit, looked at her toys and enjoyed our time together. She has so many cool toys! I liked the bee which made a funny noise. That was awesome. Mom, forget yor teeth, I want that!

But then.. suddenly.. out of nowhere, my f*king teeth started to hurt and I turned whiny. Sorry. It was just so painful. I wasn´t the best company, so Ella fell asleep. I understood her. Who wants to play with a whiny baby.
I promise to be more fun next time!
Yes, Mom told me that there is going to be a next time. I can´t wait!
I also liked her Mom. She was so nice. Maybe we can someday go to the zoo together. Then I can show Ella my favorite animal. Oh! Life is such a beautiful thing!

When we got back home, I received my Valentines Day gift from Mom and Dad.
It wasn´t an Xbox.
It was a washcloth/sponge/mitten or whatever! Like. What? What are you parents thinking? Really? How come you are so „notcoolatall“? A WASHCLOTH? Really? At least it looks cute. But still. Could someone please explain me? I was disappointed. Like a lot. Phh.16805176_10212472995808840_515440864_o

Unfortunately I have to hurry now. I have a reception to attend. Yes, a reception. Local government wants to give me a lot of cool stuff. I hope that they serve cake. I like cake. Tomorrow I´ll show you the things I received from them(Xbox, fingers crossed). Until then – big hugs and bye!

Medals and Valentines and a DATE!

I am so sorry. I haven´t written for too long. 3 days to be exact. But I have been very busy. As you already know I was away a few days. Now I am back! It feels good. My own bed. My own changing table (although it is just a washing machine). My own bed. Did I say that already? Oh.

Weekend was very tiring. I had my first marathon! Dad was too busy so he didn´t had the chance to ski with me, but Mom was so awesome and did it herself! Thanks Mom! Luckily she didn´t even fall. I was afraid she would.

To be honest I slept the whole race. I couldn´t help myself. It was so nice to be in the belly bag, fresh breeze passing by. I just slept. Like a baby. But it´s okay. Dad and auntie Kirti took many pictures of me. So I have proof, that it really happened. And it wasn´t just a dream.

Next week I´ll have my next marathon. On Saturday there is Tallinn Marathon. Mom and Dad have to be there also (they work part-time for Estoloppet – that is an organisation which includes the biggest ski marathons in Estonia). Awesome! This time I’ll try not to sleep and see myself compete. I could have two gold medals! Currently I only have one. I’m 2,5 months old, so don’t judge.  16754553_10212456567198135_794540138_n

But enough with this ski talk. I know that you are all very proud of me.

This week is going to be fun. Today I am going to my friend´s birthday. He is so cool. He is a bit afraid of me. But I try to fix that. He is addicted. A bit of discgolf addiction. Mom and Dad gave him his very own giscgolf basket for his b-day, so he can play discgolf everywhere. I hope he teaches me some tricks which Dad can´t master. Dad likes discgolf too, but he is not skilled.

Tomorrow.. Tomorrow I have a date! Yes, a date! I am so exciiiiited! (Read this in this voice – it´s so fluffffyyyyy!!!) Yes, she is a bit older than me. A week or so. But I think it´s okay. I hope Dad cuts my nails tonight. I can´t go on a date with my long girly nails. Damn, they grow fast. Dad has to cut them way too often.

I believe that we are going to have a fabulous time! We can make a competition who can hold its head up longer. I think I´m letting her win. That should give me some points! Have to tell Mom to buy some flowers also. Can´t go on a date without flowers, right?

Tomorrow is Valentine´s Day. Mom has a really awesome gift for Dad. I think he is going to be happy. And he better have a good gift for Mom also! I wonder what are they going to give me. Can´t wait to see! Hopefully it’s the Xbox I wanted.

On a side note – my teeth are coming! Yes, they are. And that´s not cool. It hurts as much as the gas. Why does everything have to be so tough? By everything, I mean being a baby. Life sucks!

I´ll tell you tomorrow how my date went!

If we don´t talk sooner, then have a happy happy Valentine´s Day! Lots of kisses and huggs! See ya!