Look like a gentleman again

I don´t like being a baby since I’m having tummy aches. It hurts. A lot. But I can survive it. I WILL suck my pacificer and I WILL be stronger than the pain. I can do this, I am a MAN you know! A little man that cries.

And my Mom. I don´t understand her. I have nails like a gardener – very long and dirty nails. So, I fell asleep in the afternoon and gave her the perfect chance to cut my nails, so that I would look like a gentleman again. And what did she do? She was on Facebook. And watched My Kitchen Rules! Mom, come on. Well actually I wasn’t betting on it, since only Dad has the courage to stab me with those big, sharp and pointy baby scissors.

At least I hope Dad will be a man and bring the package from Zara with my new clothes that Mom ordered.

Mom is a bit of a shoppaholic. At nights when she feeds me she has a stupid habit to scroll Zara app and there has been more than few times when she accidentally orders some stuff for me. Because, why not? I am okay with that. Dad is not.

In the mornings when Mom understands what she has done again she feels a little bit guilty. But luckily that feeling passes.

Yeah, soon I’ll have some new cool clothes! Because as a baby I really really care how I look. NOT. Mum, stop doing that. The only thing I need is your b*obies.

Update! That big bastard DID get the package!


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