I felt like Ott Tänak, or a farmer with a tractor

I have a confession to make. I love my Dad. Yes, I said it.

Mom is also quite awesome, but Dad. He is the best! Let me explain a little.

In the mornings, about 8 o´clock, Dad has to wake up and go to work. Even though he wants to sleep as long as possible. But Mom, who can sleep as long as she wants (unless I don´t let her) is like a broken clock – honey, wake up, you have to go to work. Honey, please change baby’s diapers. Honey, please wake up. Honey, you are going to be late to work. Do you remember that you have to change the diapers? Honey?

Dad wakes up, takes me into his warm arms and to the bathroom.  Risking to be totally late for work! This is almost the best part of the day. Dad looks so cute when he is still half asleep. He changes my diapers, talks to me softly and gives me big- big kisses, so I could survive the day with Mom. And then he leaves.

The hours pass and then about six thirty in the evening comes THE BEST part of the day. Dad comes back! I give him a big smile and behave very nicely. Because I know he had a hard day and I can make the evening much happier when I am a good kid. Sometimes I don´t do that. But that happens only when he doesn´t change my diaper in the mornings. It’s called payback.

Yesterday was especially fun. When Dad arrived he took the stroller and we went out for groceries. Unfortunately he invited Mom with us. I tried to accept that. Sometimes I like her also. After getting back home we played with Dad and then he finally cut my nails. At first I was not happy about that, but now I am. Now I look cute.

Then he took me to the bath, that was so much fun! I like taking a bath. It makes me sleep a lot better.

After the bath Dad made an awesome thing. He put a weird thingy on my face. He said that it is called an inhaler. It was so much fun! Wet air came out of it which made my awesome mustache all wet and sparkly.  Mom laughed about it, but I think I looked cool! Women, you know. They don´t know anything about style and class. Oh, and the sound, that was awesome! Like an engine. I felt like Ott Tänak, or a farmer with a tractor.fullsizerender

I think I like that thing, the inhaler.

After that it was again time to go to bed. Unfortunately Mom is the one with who I have to go to bed at nights, but I understand. Dad needs some alone time also. To do some serious Dad stuff. Like watch the Bing Bang Theory, make all the big-big decisions and figure out lots of new stuff. I totally understand you Dad! And I still love you!

P.S. This post was not sponsored by Dad.


2 thoughts on “I felt like Ott Tänak, or a farmer with a tractor

  1. Kas Tobias magab oma voodis? Kas algusest peale ja kogu aeg? Kuidas ta magama jääb? Kas süües? Ja öösel?


    1. Tobias magas vahepeal oma voodis 3 ööd, kuid kahjuks enam mitte. Kuna Tobias ei ole kahjuks lutisõber, siis on teda keeruline enda voodis magama saada. Seega jääb Tobias magama emme-issi voodis süües, parematel päevadel uinub kogemata ka oma voodis mängides (see on siis päevasel ajal).
      Tobiase järgmise kuu eesmärgiks on siiski hakata magama oma voodis, kuid eks aeg näitab, kuidas see meil välja hakkab nägema 🙂


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