Eating your croissants, drinking your lattes

Yesterday I found a new friend. We met for the very first time (yes, like that song). I think that he looks a lot like me. Maybe I am a bit cuter. But he looks okey too. Do you want to see a picture from our first meet-cute? Sorry Dad, the mirror is not clean so it shows you in bad light.image

But let´s get to the point. Today is friday. Mom is lazy. I was already up at 8 o´clock, when Dad changed my diapers (high five, Dad!). But Mom. She woke up at 11.18!! Like, Mom. Come on. Again. How much can you sleep? I understand, that you have to wake at nights like 5 times to feed me. And maybe you have caught a cold. But still. You must entertain me. All day long. This time I forgive you. But you better watch out! Payback is a B*TCH.

Tonight is going to be so much fun! We are going to the sauna and have a pizza night at my uncle’s place. He and his wife have two sooooo cute little girls. I hope that they pay a lot attention to me. Not like you, Mom. You go to sleep again!

After the pizza night my good friends from Tartu are coming to visit me. I hope that they bring a lot of gifts. To me, of course! The best part, they are staying overnight. That means, that they can play with me, when Mom and Dad are sleeping and I want some attention. Unfortunately my favourite babysitter Chai (he is a dog, if you don´t already know) can´t come. But I’ll try to accept that. It´s hard, but I’ll try.

Mom told me that in the morning we are going out to eat. I am so excited! It is going to be the first time for me to eat out. I can make so much noise in there. Embarrass Mom and Dad and all you sleepy not-so-morning people are going to be mad at me. Eating your croissants, drinking your lattes and hear my beautiful singing voice. I like to be bad sometimes. But I am so cute that people forgive me quite fast.

That´s it for now. I hope that you all have a great Friday night and enjoy your weekend! XOXO, Tobias

(Dad really liked my last blog post. He is going to buy something realllly pretty for Mom so that she wouldn´t feel herself so bad. But that is not my fault, that Dad is so much cooler!)


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