To the BOG!

The snow is here! Finally. I am so happy! My eyes have seen snow only.. like, 5 times? So, was about time. This means that maybe I can go cross-country skiing for the first time. Mom told me, that Dad is so skilled (he was a skier when he was younger) that he can put me into a bag that goes on his chest and then we can ski together. Fingers crossed! And I dare him to fall!

Weekend was quite nice. On Friday we had a sauna and pizza night. Those, who follow me on Instagram already know it. I slept mostly, so I didn´t make it to the sauna. And I missed the pizza. Damn. But my nieces were very sweet and they played with me a lot. Thanks, girls!16522766_10212386931017274_1824842978_n

I don´t know why but I have been so tired last few days. So I did not see most of the weekend. On Saturday I went with Mom, Dad and two other good friends out to get some breakfast. I failed to keep my promise and cry all the time. I slept. So actually all the other people had a good time and I couldn´t ruin that. We also went for a walk and to the city. Just chilled and had a good time.

This Sunday was the first time for me to go the bog. Mom laughs, that all the things we do are the „first“ for me. So she takes a lot of pictures. Like tooooo many. That is what Dad thinks. I like to pose. So I am okay with that. Maybe I will be a model when I grow up. My other uncle used to do some modelling when he was younger. Maybe I follow his steps. I’ve heard ha had long vawy hair. Would definitely like to see that. What do you think, uncle Heino?

But back to the bog. The forest was so-so beautiful, snow covered all the trees and fresh air was so nice.file-2

I am happy, that we live in Viimsi, not in the city, so most of the days when we go out with Mom I get FRESH air. But in the forest it was much nicer. Maybe we can go there more often, Mom? Dad? Yes? I would behave and smile all the time. Pinky promise!

After hiking in the woods Mom and Dad was thinking about going to Simple Session. They had tickets and they thought – why not? Luckily the common sense kicked in. The fact that a big bad flu is very active and I am still so little (I will be 10 weeks old tomorrow! Which is BIG!) was sufficient reason enough to not go there. Thank you for that, parents! I would like to not catch a cold before I am like.. 8 months old. Or even 9. Then maybe a little.

Oh my, what a long story. Sorry folks. Next time I´ll do shorter. Have a very snowy and active week! In the weekend there is Alutaguse Maraton, recommend! I can say I am going! There is a children´s race also! 😉

Thinking about you!






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