Good one Dad, hope she falls for it!

Today is my mini-mini birthday! The real birthday will be when I turn 1 year old. Mini birthday is when I turn 3 months old. But today. Today I am 10 weeks old! As a birthday present for Mom my afternoon nap was four and a half hours. I am a perfect kid. I know. But them. The parents. They didn´t get me anything! Like, anything! At least they forgot to buy the cake for themselves too.

So-so disappointed. Future parents – this is a lesson from which you should learn.

Instead they make me drink an awful tea which should help me with my stomach. Take a dump in other words. It better work. The taste is horrible. DO NOT RECOMMEND. I hope you all little babies are reading this.

Oh by the way, Ben & Jerry´s have a new ice cream which should increase the amount of milk in breasts. I hope my food taste also like that ice cream. I would even let the fact that they didn´t get me anything for my mini-mini birthday slide!

Today has been a lazy day. All I have done is sleep-eat-play and I have to admit that I even watched TV a little. Don´t tell Mom. She put me to the play mat to clean the house a little. So I used the opportunity and peeked a little. Sometimes we watch TV together (when the Bold and the Beautiful is coming), but Mom doesn´t like me to watch TV too much. Dad is much cooler. He has been convincing Mom that we should get an Xbox. He told her that we need it for listening to children´s CD-s, because no other electronics can fit a CD nowadays. Maybe Dad can convince Mom to buy the Xbox for my 6th month birthday. Or 11 week birthday. This week would be nice.

Now I am getting back to sleep. When I have a mini-nap in the evenings then my night-sleep is so much better. And meanwhile Mom and Dad can enjoy NOT having a cake to eat! Karma’s a b*tch!


Good night all you lovely readers!



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