I’m into competitive sports!

This post was intended to be live 5h ago, but here goes:

This week is going to be different for me. Tonight I am going on a „mini trip“. Yes, Mom and Dad are also coming. Actually they both have to work and it´s kind of a fun working trip. Or Dad has to work. Mom can´t, because she has to take care of me 😀

 As I mentioned in one previous post, this weekend Alutaguse Maraton is happening. Those, who don´t know what it is – it´s a ski marathon. My uncle is the main organizer and Mom and Dad do all sorts of different things before the marathon to make it happen.

 I try to take part of the childrens´s race! I actually don´t know if kids so little as me can participate. But I think the organizer can make an exception for me. I sound like a little spoiled brat. But I really really want to! All the children who participate get a medal and a diplom and snacks from Saare Food. So hell yeah, I want all those things!16593618_10212385988593714_43710458_o-1

 I am almost finished with packing. I am not sure how many warm clothes I have to take with me, but I hope that I have enough. I also took my favourite bunny and some other stuff with me that I like to play with. I hope there will be a biiiig and sooooft bed where I can sleep! And nice soft bedsheets. I like bedsheets. Unfortunately it happens too often that mine doesn´t stay clean very long. S_it happens, to be clear, literally!

When Dad arrives home from work, he packs all the electronical stuff what he needs for work. And then, then we can goooo! Can´t wait!

 Until then, have a nice day and enjoy some D-vitamin!


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