Winning it.

Today I woke up feeling like a king. Yes, a king. Yesterday evening about 11 o’clock we arrived to Alutaguse. We had a little quality time with Mom (Dad went to sauna and yes, he had a few beers) and then was already sleeping time. Luckily I had my bunny with me, so the sleep came quite easily. And I wasn’t afraid at all!

In the morning I woke up like a little daisy. Fresh and rested. Luckily we have a TV in our room and we didn’t have to miss the Bold and the Beautiful. Then we went out for a little walk. Or sleep. And Mom walked. The weather was crispy. Like minus 13. Or 8. I don’t know. It was cold as hell. Or is it supposed to be warm in there?

After that was the the usual – eat, sleep, play, repeat. And then. Then we went to visit my grandma. She works in a library. I have never been to a library. There were sooooo many books. Surprisingly they didn’t smell so bad as I expected. Granny was fun. She held me and introduced me to all the other people who work in the same building. I think she is proud of me or something. I like her. She promised to knit me a new pair of socks. Old ones are small. I am a big boy you know.

Mom eats so much chocolate that I have gained like 500g in 10 days. That’s a lot. Like A LOT. I have to eat less. Or Mom has to eat carrots or cabbage or something. Not chocolate. Not all day long.

In the evening there was a general meeting about the Marathon. I slept the whole time. Who cares? The only thing that I need to know is when is the start of the little ones race. My uncle told that I can participate. Whoop! I am going to win this thing! Dad, I’m betting on you. Participation is everything as they say – bullocks. Winning is the key.

My parents. They thought that it was my 10 weeks mini-mini birthday. But it was 11th!!! Come on?? You’re my parents! Get your s*it together. Know your stuff.

Anyways, I am going to sleep now, they have tuned the youtube to “sleep baby” stuff. There’s not too many options. Tomorrow Dad is going to let me fly the drone!!! Mom has been so cool lately, hope it continues. I think I’m in love with her. And the bunny.img_1746






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