Medals and Valentines and a DATE!

I am so sorry. I haven´t written for too long. 3 days to be exact. But I have been very busy. As you already know I was away a few days. Now I am back! It feels good. My own bed. My own changing table (although it is just a washing machine). My own bed. Did I say that already? Oh.

Weekend was very tiring. I had my first marathon! Dad was too busy so he didn´t had the chance to ski with me, but Mom was so awesome and did it herself! Thanks Mom! Luckily she didn´t even fall. I was afraid she would.

To be honest I slept the whole race. I couldn´t help myself. It was so nice to be in the belly bag, fresh breeze passing by. I just slept. Like a baby. But it´s okay. Dad and auntie Kirti took many pictures of me. So I have proof, that it really happened. And it wasn´t just a dream.

Next week I´ll have my next marathon. On Saturday there is Tallinn Marathon. Mom and Dad have to be there also (they work part-time for Estoloppet – that is an organisation which includes the biggest ski marathons in Estonia). Awesome! This time I’ll try not to sleep and see myself compete. I could have two gold medals! Currently I only have one. I’m 2,5 months old, so don’t judge.  16754553_10212456567198135_794540138_n

But enough with this ski talk. I know that you are all very proud of me.

This week is going to be fun. Today I am going to my friend´s birthday. He is so cool. He is a bit afraid of me. But I try to fix that. He is addicted. A bit of discgolf addiction. Mom and Dad gave him his very own giscgolf basket for his b-day, so he can play discgolf everywhere. I hope he teaches me some tricks which Dad can´t master. Dad likes discgolf too, but he is not skilled.

Tomorrow.. Tomorrow I have a date! Yes, a date! I am so exciiiiited! (Read this in this voice – it´s so fluffffyyyyy!!!) Yes, she is a bit older than me. A week or so. But I think it´s okay. I hope Dad cuts my nails tonight. I can´t go on a date with my long girly nails. Damn, they grow fast. Dad has to cut them way too often.

I believe that we are going to have a fabulous time! We can make a competition who can hold its head up longer. I think I´m letting her win. That should give me some points! Have to tell Mom to buy some flowers also. Can´t go on a date without flowers, right?

Tomorrow is Valentine´s Day. Mom has a really awesome gift for Dad. I think he is going to be happy. And he better have a good gift for Mom also! I wonder what are they going to give me. Can´t wait to see! Hopefully it’s the Xbox I wanted.

On a side note – my teeth are coming! Yes, they are. And that´s not cool. It hurts as much as the gas. Why does everything have to be so tough? By everything, I mean being a baby. Life sucks!

I´ll tell you tomorrow how my date went!

If we don´t talk sooner, then have a happy happy Valentine´s Day! Lots of kisses and huggs! See ya!



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