That meant she liked me, right?

I hope you guys had all a happy and joyful Valentine’s Day!

I sure did.

In the morning I went to see a dentist. With Mom. Actually she went to see that scary lady. I was just chilling with her.
Mom has to eat less chocolate, so her teeth would stay attached. But now the damage is already done and she has to spend a lot of money to fix her teeth. I hope that I don´t suffer from that. I still want the new toys and stuff. I haven´t buried the hope to get that very needed Xbox! You hear me Mom? Dad? Especially Mom (since Dad would have already bought it). When am I going to get my Xbox?

Later.. later it was time for what you all have been waiting for – my first date!
Luckily Mom didn’t embarrass us and we brought some flowers with us. After all, it was Valentine’s Day AND a first date AND my date had a 3 month birthday!

Our date, to sum up, went well(-ish)! At first, we slept together. An hour or so. Yes, nowadays dates are like that. Sleeping together comes first. We are the new generation you know. Or just babies.16734865_10212472995568834_780477709_o

Suddenly, I don´t know what happened. We woke up and I was SO shy! I just stared at her knees. Or out of the window. Or somewhere else. When she turned her head away, I peeked a little. Man, I couldn´t pull myself together and look into her eyes.

I was afraid.

When our moms finally put us on the play mat, I pulled myself together and looked at her. She was so sweet! I think she liked me too. She put her fingers up my nose. That has to mean that she likes me, right? Fingers crossed!16804523_10212472995528833_2035771589_o

So we chilled on the play mat a bit, looked at her toys and enjoyed our time together. She has so many cool toys! I liked the bee which made a funny noise. That was awesome. Mom, forget yor teeth, I want that!

But then.. suddenly.. out of nowhere, my f*king teeth started to hurt and I turned whiny. Sorry. It was just so painful. I wasn´t the best company, so Ella fell asleep. I understood her. Who wants to play with a whiny baby.
I promise to be more fun next time!
Yes, Mom told me that there is going to be a next time. I can´t wait!
I also liked her Mom. She was so nice. Maybe we can someday go to the zoo together. Then I can show Ella my favorite animal. Oh! Life is such a beautiful thing!

When we got back home, I received my Valentines Day gift from Mom and Dad.
It wasn´t an Xbox.
It was a washcloth/sponge/mitten or whatever! Like. What? What are you parents thinking? Really? How come you are so „notcoolatall“? A WASHCLOTH? Really? At least it looks cute. But still. Could someone please explain me? I was disappointed. Like a lot. Phh.16805176_10212472995808840_515440864_o

Unfortunately I have to hurry now. I have a reception to attend. Yes, a reception. Local government wants to give me a lot of cool stuff. I hope that they serve cake. I like cake. Tomorrow I´ll show you the things I received from them(Xbox, fingers crossed). Until then – big hugs and bye!


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