The reception. The birds!

Today is such a beautiful day again. Sun is shining and all. Chill. The best thing is sleeping outside when the sun is shining on my chubby face and birds are singing. Am I a romantic? Or what is happening? I need to be a tough guy. No more such sweet talk. Or maybe it’s spring that’s gone to my head and heart?

Okay. Stop. Yesterday. Oh my. First there was that reception I talked about. It was.. quite boring to be honest. Like. There was a lady who played with bells. Yes, bells. Three songs. You can imagine how 25 babies felt when the final and very long song(can you call it a song if there is no words?) was over. A relief! Then a guy spoke something, but since he had a quiet voice I couldn´t hear a thing. Or was it because I was chatting with my new friends? Who knows. Anyway. I have two new friends! One is a boy. He is older than me. A week or something. And the other one is a little girl, she is two months old. I hope that her Mom isn’t be mad at me because of that picture below. I like having new friends! After the talking part was over, all the babies got goodie bags. I got a spoon. A plaid. A book. And a flower. I wasn´t very thrilled. But at least there was a cake. That was a success!16780161_10212487860740454_933984638_n

In the evening. I don´t know what got into my parents heads. But they put me to sleep at 9 o’ clock! Like whaaaat? And the worst part. They put me to sleep in my own bed. Yes, I have my own bed. Usually it is covered with Moms clothes, but Dad. He took all the things out of the bed and moved it next to their bed. And they put ME in it!! How dare they. So, it meant that I had to sleep in there. Like the whole night. At first I wasn´t very happy. But Mom put on some nice music and in front of my eyes were some funny bunnies. They moved like Mick Jagger. I liked them. And the music. I don´t know how but I fell asleep! Yes, I did. And to be honest, it didn´t feel that bad! At night Mom woke up four times, moved me into their bed, gave me my so loved milk and then put me back into my bed. Actually it was quite cool to sleep on my own. Like a big boy. Not like a baby who sleeps with his parents. Phh. I am awesome!! I think I could get used to that. Let´s see what tonight brings!

Okay guys. I am going back to sleep now. Mom thinks she is so clever. She walks with me outside and when we get back home she puts me to sleep in the bathroom. We have a huge window in the bathroom. She opens it so all the fresh air can come inside and I can hear birds singing. She thinks it makes me sleep better. Those birds. I have to stop. Now..

XO! Your favourite little guy, Tobias16790691_10212487878140889_792194455_n


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