Cloudy, with a chance of cake.

What´s happening? Outside, I mean. Where is the sun and the birds? I hate it. The rain. And other wet stuff that´s coming from the sky. It´s not snow. If something has to fall then it should be snow. Or Cake. In this case, I would invite all my friends to sleigh riding and out for a cake!

Near my house is a big big mountain where all the children are sliding ups and downs when snowy. I want to do that already! And then I want to skate. But I think I’m too little for this. Maybe next year? Or maybe on Mom´s belly in that belly bag? Maybe not. I would be broken all over. Because Mom is not very good on skates. Or sleighs. Or skis. Or bikes. But she’s pretty good at driving though.

Today I can´t go outside. But in the evening. I am going to visit Liisu! Liisu is a good friend of mine. She is a lot older (like 4 months older), but still, she´s awesome! I think we are going to have a good time together!16809059_10212501219074404_1130705576_n

Our families have a club. No. Not a book club. They have a wine club. Yes. A wine club. Mom told me that it used to be so much fun. They gathered almost every Thursday – my parents, Liisu’s parents, uncle Heino and his girlfriend. They cooked and enjoyed good food and wine.

Then my Aunt got pregnant with Liisu. And my Mom got pregnant with me. So, for them it wasn´t too much fun anymore. They had to satisfy with food. And the good company of course! I think they were okay with that. But now, when Liisu and I are getting older then the wine club can be almost as awesome as it used to be! And today it´s on Friday, so no one has to work tomorrow! Except Dad. Whoop! Can´t wait for tonight!

Tomorrow is the Tallinn Ski Marathon. It´s in Kõrvemaa. I hope that all the snow doesn´t melt and the marathon is still happening.

Why didn´t I see any of you in Alutaguse Marathon? You should fix your mistake and come to see me (and ski with me) in Kõrvemaa! I really hope, that some of you can make it. I promise it’s sooo awesooome! Ella, Liisu, Marta? Someone? Yes? At 11.20 the Mini Estoloppet´s Saare children race (my race) starts, hope to see you there!

As you already saw, my page has a new design. Dad didn´t like the old one and he changed it. I think that it was a good decision. To be honest, I didn´t like the old one at all. I was so ugly on the header. But now there are clouds and a bunny! How awesome is that!

Dad is also making me a facebook page. I´ll let you know when it´s ready! Then you can be the first to know when I have a new post. And I can share some other cool stuff with you!

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Tomorrow after the Marathon I am going to my friend´s country home. We are going to stay there overnight. And there is a lake! And my friend has skates! Maybe..? Maybe I CAN SKATE?!!??? Pretty please, Dad! I trust and believe in you!




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