The Ultimate cross-country skier

It´s snowing! Or not. It´s still not snow, it´s blaah!

So where do I begin? Friday we had the wineclub and it went very well! I didn´t drink a lot. Only milk. I’m a good boy you know! Liisu has grown so much since the last time I saw her. And she was even cuter! She gave me lots of kisses, which was nice. A bit wet, but nice.16830205_10212532485616048_1519740253_n

When I will be bit bigger, we are going to have so much fun together. This time she was more interested in my robot than me. But I understand. I can be quite boring from time to time. Parents behaved also quite nicely. Thanks for that!

Unfortunately we had to wake up very early on Saturday morning (Dad sleeps even longer on workdays) so we couldn´t stay for very long. We were home already an hour before midnight. I went straight to bed. Oh my, was I tired!

Then Saturday arrived! The day of my second mini-marathon! That went very well! This time Dad was the good one and skied with me. It was so icy, so thank god HE did it. Mom would have fell more than I could count. She is quite uncoordinated, remember?

The other little mini-marathoners all fell. And they cried. I felt sorry for them. But at least I stayed unharmed! Sidenote – we were late for the start and we weren´t still last to finish! My Dad is so awesome. And fast. Thanks Dad!

And now I have TWO GOLD MEDALS. How many medals do you have? I am so proud of myself. On 25th there will be the Tartu Marathon´s mini-race. Hint – hint. Who is going to have three (!!!) gold medals very soon? Yes, that´s meeee!!16831339_10212532519856904_476770092_n

After the race, I was hangry. Yes, hangry. No words could describe how badly I wanted to eat so I became angry! And after some milk I fell. Like very hard. To sleep. I slept and slept and then slept a bit more. How nice was that! When I woke up, we were not in Kõrvemaa anymore. We had already arrived to my very good friend´s country house.

I like it in there. I welcomed my very first New Year also in that place. People are all so friendly and they all want to hold me and play with me there. I am never bored when I am with them. Thanks, guys! And I can sleep outside. In my pram, so I am fresh and happy and well rested!

Unfortunately we didn´t skate. And parents didn´t took me to the sauna with them. I did not like that. I expressed how disappointed I was with some (or a lot) crying and Mom had to ditch the sauna and play with me. I am evil sometimes, I know. But I wanted to have some company! We had a good time, the two of us. Mom took some funny pictures of us also but they are too personal to show you. Yes, some things I have to keep to my own. Hope you understand!

Yesterday was a quiet day. Had some pancakes and parents published my Facebook page. So go and put „like“ if you still haven´t!

Tomorrow I am going swimming for the first time! Boy, am I excited! Ella is also coming with her Mom. I hope that Mom doesn´t forget to put some pants on me when we are swimming. I am a bit shy you know. And she is still a girl! And our relationship is not in this stage.

Anyhow, can´t wait for tomorrow! Maybe Mom even films me when I am underwater. Then I can show you some cool shots! Hope you all have a nice start for the week! Kisses!



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