That was a nice afternoon. One of the best ones I have had!

Today was the day of my first swim. I wasn´t too keen on the idea in the morning though. Mom woke me up too early. It wasn´t even 9 o´clock, but then I remembered that I am going to see Ella there! Whooop! AND I was excited!16924153_10212541740887424_1494966437_n

After some morning stuff – eating, a lot of peeing, throwing up on Mom (three times) we were finally ready to go! I slept a little in the car to have as much energy as possible. When we arrived to Reval Sport (yes, they have baby swimming also and I am a baby as you all know), Ella and her Mom were already there. It was so good to see them. It had already been a week since the last time!

My Mom is slow. We were almost late to the swimming class but somehow we managed to get ready on time. I had my very fancy swimming diapers on. They have a picture of Nemo. Man, I looked cool! Luckily Mom didn´t put me in an embarrassing situation and I didn´t have to be naked in front of Ella (or actually I did, but I´ll tell about that later).

Swimming was so awesome! We did different kind of exercises and I also did a dive! Yes, a dive! We weren´t supposed to, but I wanted to impress Ella. I think she liked that! We were the only kids there, so it was like a personal training. Cool!

I think that the swim-thing is going to be a permanent hobby of mine. I feel so good in the water. Like a fish. As an upside – blokes at home don’t have to wash me so often! Haah, no. You still have to. Don´t get your hopes up!

When the long and tiring swim was over, we did a little wash-up in a huge bathroom. All the other people in there were women. I was the only boy. Luckily Mom kept my diapers on!

But then we arrived to the changing room, Mom took off my cute Nemo´s swimmers and then.. our locker´s door didn´t open. Mom and some other lady tried and tried but it didn´t open, so Mom went to call for help. She left me there on the baby thingy with Ella’s Mom! Naked! Totally naked! I was a bit overwhelmed, so I peed on myself. I think that Ella saw that. Not too shabby. Hope she forgets that soon!

Well, everything ended happily. Mom got our things from the locker, I got my milk and the best part – we didn´t come straight home! Mom wanted to eat. That meant that we could hang a bit more with Ella. We were both quite tired from the swim so we decided to chat another time and were just happy sleeping next to each other. That was a nice afternoon. One of the best ones I have had!16901446_10212541727327085_255253715_n

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday!! Yes, I am going to be three months old! I have quite a busy day planned. In the morning, I am going to have my doctor´s appointment. After that I am going for a walk with hopefully my new friend Evan. And in the evening I am going to visit a sweet friend of mine. I’ve seen her once. Hope to have a good night sleep to have energy to do all these things!

Don´t forget to wish me happy birthday tomorrow!

Have a happy Tuesday night and remember to watch Sherlock! It´s the second favorite show of mine. The first one is the Bold and the Beautiful (as you already know). Go Team Brooke! Give me a B, give me a R, give me a oh crap – I’m a boy. Forget it ever happened.






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