Happy birthday to meee!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee. I am 3 months old! I am a big boy now! Yesterday I wasn´t, but now I am. What a difference a day makes!

My birthday didn´t actually start very well. I felt myself quite badly at night and so I cried a lot. I didn´t want to sleep in my bed. I just wanted Mom to hold me. Only then could I feel well. So maybe I am not quite that big yet? Sorry Mom, that I didn´t let you sleep very well. I know that you are feeling yourself a bit ill, but I am a baby. I hope you understand! I´ll make it up to you! I promise to be a good boy tonight and sleep like a baby! Wait. Oh, okay. I´ll do my best! Is that enough?16899944_10212549633244728_1478998061_n

I had my doctor’s appointment in the morning. She was so nice this time! Last time I was a bit bad and didn´t lift my head nor reacted to different noises. So she was mean to Mom because she didn´t do enough things with me. Actually she did, I was just sneaky. This time I held my head like way too long! The doctor was very satisfied with me. I also got an injection. That hurt. I cried a bit. But only a bit! Big boy, remember? I am also in a healthy weight (not chubby, Mom!) and all the other stuff was okay also.

After the doctor´s visit we went for a walk with my new friend Evan. We both slept the whole time. Typical, I would say! It was cold and windy outside! Not the best walking weather. Hope that Mom didn´t catch a cold and is still healthy enough to go to Tartu tomorrow!

Have I already mentioned that we are going to have a long weekend in Tartu? Can´t recall that. But yes. We are going to Tartu tomorrow and we are staying there until Sunday. I am going to see Chai! Chai is the best babysitter ever! Btw, she is a dog. I like her so much! And on Saturday I am having my third ski-marathon. Whooop! What a busy weekend ahead. Hope that Mom really isn´t that ill and we can do all these fun things. Dad on the other hand is busy again. He is working at the marathon with some french dude. Probably doing something important. Don’t know entirely, didn’t get myself involved.

Tonight I am hoping to get my cake and spend awesome time at my friends place. Mom and Dad also have to pack. We have so many things to take with us tomorrow! We need a bigger car. Or Mom has to sell some of her clothes. Or not take so many of them with us? Decisions – decisions.

Thank you all who have wished me happy birthday! Love you all! Hugs!










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