The illness isn´t an excuse

Hey hey hey my beloved readers! So, it happened. Mom is ill. She looks so cute. With a red nose and everything. Like a Rudolph! Yes, I know who Rudolph is, I already existed when Christmastime was!

I tried to behave nicely at night. I didn´t manage to pull an all-nighter, but at least I tried! Good enough. My birthdays evening was chill, had finally some cake at my friend´s place and cried a few hours before going to bed. Nice!16923997_10212557844890014_1182833956_n

Today we are going to Tartu. Now Mom has to do some work. Dad is also at work.

I have boring parents. Who wants to come to play with me? I´m really cute. And I smile if I like you. Anyone?

When Mom gets her work done then she has to pack. And shower. Don´t forget that Mom. You stink a little. The illness isn´t an excuse.

I have not decided which toys I´m going to take with me. And how many pijamas. Have hard decisions to make. Hope that Chai is waiting for me. I definitely can´t wait to see her! Maybe we can even sleep together? Or, I don´t know. She snores a lot. Even louder than Dad does.

Mom told that tomorrow is Estonian´s Independence Day. We are going to have a fancy-pancy dinner at Chai´s parents place, watch President´s reception and criticize all the pretty and not so pretty dresses. I think, that´s going to be my favorite part of the night. During the day we´re going to some hiking tracks or just to the woods. Dad doesn´t know that yet. I hope he agrees!

How about you? What are your plans for tomorrow? Waiting for my new post I am sure! Admit it, you like me!

But yes, hope you all enjoy your long weekend and maybe I´m going to see some of you on Tartu marathon?!?




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