They disappoint me all the time. I love them.

Hi my lovely peeps!

So much has happened! Actually less, than I hoped, but still. Where do I start?

So, Estonian Independence Day was on Friday. We were at my friends place in Tartu with my favorite babysitter Chai. She is so lovely! She kissed me a lot and occupied my rocking chair. She looked so cute in there so I didn´t protest. Look! How could someone be mad at her?

Dad on the other hand disappointed me. He was supposed to wake up 3 days in a row with us. But what did he do? He woke up even earlier than he does on weekdays and left. Like, Dad. Come on. I wanted to kiss you and play with you and hug you and then kiss you again! Luckily his home sick now, so I compensated for the weekend by slapping him in the morning.

On Friday we visited Estonian National Museum. The building was so huge! And there were so many people! This time we didn´t took the actual tour, we just went to see the Tartu Marathon race center. Mom promised, that someday we´ll actually visit the whole thing. Can´t wait!

In the evening was the reception of Estonian President. It was sooo boring! I don´t have anything to compare it with, but yes, the reception part was like on fast forward. Everything happened so fast. I didn´t even had a change to look all the dresses properly. People had to move like they were standing in line to get in a bus. So disappointed! Mom was too. But I liked Anniky Lamp´s dress. That was so pretty! I am the next Zenja Fokin you know.

As Mom was feeling a bit down (she is quite stupid and walks outside with her jacket open in front so no wonder she caught a cold) and Dad had to work on Saturday, I didn´t make it to Tartu Marathon´s children´s race. That was hard to accept. I had waited for that so long! It´s still Tartu Marathon! One of the most important sports events that takes place in Estonia. And I missed it! The children´s race though, but still! Don´t know how I can forgive my parents (Xbox maybe)?

So, instead of being active Mom wanted to get her eyebrows done. Mom. Really? Luckily the eyebrow lady turned out to be a mother of my future good friend Aron! They live in Tartu, but soon they are moving to Viimsi, so we can see each other quite often! Another new friend, what a happy puppy I am!

Unfortunately I was quite tired from being disappointed by not getting my third gold medal so I fell asleep while we were driving to visit them. Aron was luckily also sleeping most of the time. Her Mom was so nice. She had baked a cake and she borrowed me a swimming belt. Next weekend, when we are going to Kubja Spa (I´ll tell you about that some other day), I am not going to drown! That’s nice of her!17012459_10212592886846041_1809924980_n

Saturday night we spent in a hotel. Enjoyed some nice soft sheets again and slept very well! We were very well rested with Mom when we woke up at 10 o´clock on Sunday. Dad had to wake up 5.45 am. Felt a bit bad for him. But someone has to bring the money home, you know!

When we were done with our lovely breakfast we headed to Otepää, to Tartu Marathon. There were so many friendly people! I even met a nice French guy who worked with Dad. He invited me to France! I think that I am going. He lives in the Alpes, so maybe next year! Then I´m big enough to snowboard. Oh my! I´m so excited! Can´t wait for that time to come!img_0317.jpg

To sum up. I had a very lovely weekend! Spent some good time with some old friends and found so many new ones! Hope to see them all very soon again!

Today the massage lady is coming to rub me a little and tomorrow I´m going to see Ella again! Swimming lessons, here we come!

Tomorrow is the Shrove Tuesday, eat a lot of split pea soup and many buns!

XO, Tobias


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