Bun intended.

Happy bunday to you all! I’m full of buns, how many have you had? Teaser – the BEST BUNS ever are in cafe Ristikheina! My Mom and Ella’s mom ordered like.. 7 buns! Yes, they like to eat. Okay, maybe some of them were meant to our dads, but still. These were so good!

Yesterday the lovely massage lady visited me. She told that I have strained muscles. Don´t know why! Mom has to rub me now. I like massage so I´m happy about that! Otherwise, my body is quite okay, I´m almost ready to cringe! Can´t wait. I have so big plans for the time I can move myself properly!

I´m not a jealous boy and I can share info about my masseuse. Her name is Marion and you can find information about her in here.

(To be clear – this is not an ad, I just like her!)IMG_0499.JPG

Today was a weird day. Dad didn´t go to work again! He´s sick or something. So he´s in a home office. I think that I want to work also in a home office someday. This sounds nice. Wake up, drink coffee, work, eat, work.. Sounds like a perfect plan! Mom told that I´m going to be a chef, but I like my plan much better! Home officer. Or I can be a chef at home office? Home office chef dude. Bake buns whenever I want! Coolio!

Oh, dreams!

Today I saw Ella again! Tuesdays are our swimming days. So many other babies were with us this time! Like 8 or something. They were all so cute! There was so much chatting in the changing room, you gossip girls! We were both quite tired with Ella after the long training so yes, we fell asleep again. It’s like a curse. Every time we see, we sleep, which means we basically don’t see! One day we will pull ourselves together and actually play.img_0442

And we are going to have a movie date! I don´t know exactly when, but Mom said soon! So much fun!

After the swim thing we went to Ristikheina cafe as I mentioned earlier. It was so funny. All the people who entered the cafe wanted to buy some buns. But the buns were sold out. And people were so sad. We were also sad at first, but then the next patch of buns arrived and we got ours! Like really, if you haven´t had yours already, then go straight to Ristikheina! Your evening will be so much nicer, trust me!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Dad was also very thankful for the lovely buns we brought. I can not get over the bun thing as you can see. Bunbunbun! It’s bunny. Buntastic! Bunjour! If I was a super hero’s I’d belong to the Buntastic four! Or If a bun bit me, I’d become a sbunderman.

Our home store in Viimsi, Violia, sells also quite good buns. Mom is thinking about buying a few more. Just in case. There can never be too many buns, right?

On the side note – I have a doctors visit on Friday. I have trouble with digesting stuffs.

I´ll end this post now, or I´m going to tell you more about buns. Do you like your buns with or without jam? My favorites are with jam. A lot of jam! Other ones are so… blah! Like fake buns. Who likes fake buns? Phhhh.

Have a lovely evening with lots of buns my little and big friends!

Bun you later!

Tobias the Bunman



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