I can almost taste the next medal!

Tobias the bunman is back!

I got a puzzle mat! And I turned myself over for the first time on purpose! It was the wrong way (from tummy to the back), but still! Yes, I am so proud of myself. I think that all the hard swimming lessons are paying off. I´m getting stronger!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

It´s so fun, that Dad is sick. The last time he was at home so much was when I was born. It was like, 3 months ago! Whoa, how the time flies! Soon I´ll crawl already! Mom is a bit afraid of that time, cause then she has to remove all the stuff from the bottom shelves. I think it´s okay that she tidies up a bit more. Would like to have a bit cleaner floor, Mom!

Btw, those, who live in Viimsi, do you have any good suggestions about some cleaning company/cleaning lady? Parents are looking for someone to come and clean a bit at our house, maybe you have a good experience with someone? If you do, please let me know!

Mom was a bit mad this morning because she got one spoonful less coffee from the coffee machine than usual! And she couldn’t watch the Bold and the Beautiful, since TV was messed up.

She belongs in a facebook group called – no drama, just mamas. Dad told her, that she is in a wrong group, that she is the drama mama!

Sometimes I agree with Dad. Mom needs to chillax. That´s the reason we´re going to Kubija Spa this weekend! Mom can have a relaxing massage and I can go swimming. Even Dad gets to relax for the first time in the last 3 months, saunas and other stuff (beers, yes, you guessed correctly).

Haanja Marathon was supposed to be in the weekend, but since the weather is so shitty (sorry, but it is), it is going to be not a marathon but just friendly skiing with no timing. I haven´t still buried the hope to get my third gold medal! The Saare Childrens race is still on! Can´t wait for the weekend and the medal and the saunas and the soft hotel sheets! Those are my favorites!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Todays weather is also quite depressing. That´s why Dad was so sweet and brought Mom some buns early in the morning. No, he didn´t go to shop to buy some milk, he went there to make Mom happy! I think I have the best Dad!

Now I´m trying to have a beauty sleep to have energy for practicing the rolling over thing in the evening. And to play on my new puzzle mat! If you ask me, life is quite beautiful I have to say!

Hope you have a beautiful start of the new month and see you tomorrow!

Tobias, the swimming guru! And bunman!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


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