I was wondering why she was happier today

Hi guys! Today has been quiet. Dad went to work. So sad. I have to be alone with Mom again. All day. Or no, not all day! A funny guy visited us. He was like, soooo big! So big, that he had to bend over to get in and out from our front door. He was dressed all red. At first I thought it’s Santa! He wasn´t. I was disappointed.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

He was a Starman guy. He didn´t bring any gifts for me. Or Mom. Just some boring stuff. And fixed our TV. Now Mom can watch the Bold and the Beautiful again! I was wondering why she was happier today, now I know the reason!

Actually I didn´t really care about that Starman guy. I was too busy with my new favorite toy! It´s meant to be on a stroller, but Mom put it on my play mat. It´s a ladybug! It´s so cute and makes a funny noise. Ironic is, that Mom is afraid of ladybugs. What a wuss! I can scare her with that when she annoys me!

In the evening there is going to be a packing marathon again. Tomorrow after Dad´s work we are going to Kubija. Hope to arrive there as soon as possible! Pools, here I comeee!

Haanja Marathon is not going to take place on skis. All the snow has melt. You can walk the distance if you want and carry your skis, but other than that, you can leave your skis at home. But not me! The Saare´s Children race is still happening! It´s on artificial snow. That means – my third medal is coming! You can imagine how happy I am about that!

What do you think, do I have to buy some more swimming diapers? I have 6 of them left. Is it enough? Or no? I can´t decide. Hope Mom makes that hard decision for me.

Mom told, that in Kubija there is a steam sauna, which is cold enough that I can go to sauna also! It´s going to be a first to me. So Mom and Dad can also go to sauna together. Other saunas are too hot and so one of them has to be in the pool with me. I think Dad is okay with that. He is the awesome one, remember?

In the evening we have to make a little shopping trip also. Mom needs a bathing suit. Like, what´s wrong with your bikinis? Are you ashamed of your belly? Or what, Mom? I think it looks quite okay. No stretch marks (you have to thank me for that, I was so little when I was born) and no visible fat. But okay, if she wants, then we have to go. I have understood that in life Mom´s wants are quite.. how do I say that.. Dad would say – happy wife happy life. That means, we´re going shopping today!!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope you are not too sad because of the weather! I try not to be, soon there will be spring and that´s awesome! Butterflies flying and birds singing and everything, can´t wait!

Hugs from Tobias!


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