Trip to a SPA!!

Hi everyone! I am back in action! I had a very nice and relaxing weekend. Friday was so busy that unfortunately I didn´t had time to write you. I hope you understand!

On Friday I visited Dad at work. My uncle and Dad work in the same place so I saw my uncle too! It had been so long since the last time. He has still gray hair. Nothing has changed! He was quite surprised to see me and Mom, but I hope it was a good surprise!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we arrived, Dad was at a meeting, so all the girls in the office had a chance to cuddle me. I think they liked me! I think that when I grow up I´m going to work with Dad quite often. He can work and all the girls can play with me! And Mom can do her own stuff, like yoga or something. Sounds like a plan!

After Dad was done with his meeting we started the trip to Kubija! My first SPA trip! The ride there was so long! It took like, forever. When we finally arrived, we checked in to our room, Dad changed my diapers and we hurried to have a dinner! Mom was starving. She was quite mad.

Two of my parents friends were staying at the hotel, so we had a lovely dinner, the five of us. My bedtime had already passed when we finally got back to our room. It was a tiring day so I fell asleep like a rock. Or the bed sheets were just so soft that my sleep came faster?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The next day we woke up early, had a quick breakfast and headed to Haanja. To Saare´s children Marathon. I fulfilled my dream and earned my third gold medal!! There are no words to describe how happy I am about that! Man, I am three and a half month old and I have three medals, how awesome is that!?!img_1126

The race was so tiring though that after that I fell asleep. Parents didn´t want to wake me so we drove around in Võru county, just chillin and driving. Was so relaxing. Dad practiced rallying and me, I practiced snoring.

After some time, we headed back to the hotel, pools were waiting! Had a little snack, Mom changed my diapers to swimming diapers and off we went! It was so much fun! When we swam in our swimming lessons with Ella, then Moms were holding us and we were doing different exercises. But this time I had a safety belt around my neck and I could swim myself! Like, yes, myself! I could move my hands and legs and everything, and feel myself freeee! I have to be honest, I really really loved that feeling!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the pool, there were two old ladies who were very fond of me. They smiled to me and wanted me to swim towards them all the time. They also agreed to babysit me in the evening. Luckily parents love me too much and they want to spend time with me so they had to turn the old ladies proposal down. I was happy about that.

I also visited a sauna the first time. It was called a steam sauna. I didn´t like that. It was so.. humid. I was not happy. Then we went back to the pool and I was happy again!

After some time, we went back to our room. Mom had her body care appointment. At first I fell asleep in our room, but when Mom left I wanted Dad to feel, how it is to be the two of us when I´m crying. He didn´t like that, I wonder why?

To be honest I actually had a massive gas pain and that was the reason of crying. I love my Dad and I don´t behave badly on purpose. Only with Mom.

In the evening, we were in bed, all the tree of us, between the soft-soft bedsheets and watched Estonian singing competition. It was so chill. We ate some chips and cake, like a real vacation! Parents thought of going to saunas also, but I was so tired, that they ditched the idea and to postpone it to morning. Or so they thought!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When Sunday arrived and we went to eat breakfast.. then I couldn´t resist and I fell asleep again. I was too exhausted! And there went my opportunity to have my last swim! I try not to be mad at myself. Parents told me, that on May we are going to Saaremaa to GoSpa, that made me feel a little better. Only two a half months to wait! Wait.. that´s too long! Almost half a lifetime! Can we go somewhere earlier?

On the way home, we stopped at my friends place to give back the safety belt that he borrowed me. Last time we saw each other with Aron I slept all the time, this time I pulled myself together and I stayed up the whole time! Was so good to see him! We played a little and chatted about what has happened since the last visit. He told me so much interesting stuff! But it was all baby things, so I´m not telling you about them!17124627_10212533405755061_865074927_n

In the evening, I had my usual Sunday bath and parents wanted me to fall asleep after that. At first I was okay with that idea, but then I got bored and I wanted to stay up with them! Was so fun to watch them to do different things to get me to sleep. Haa. They failed. Like totally. Finally, I gave them mercy and fell asleep. Such a good boy!

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! Today I´m going to spend the evening with Dad. Mom has a doctor´s appointment. And tomorrow I´m going to see Ella agaaaain!! So happy!

Have a good Monday and byyeeee!!

Tobias the swimguru




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