My Mom is the bestest in the worlds

Today I have a different kind of post. I want to tell you about my Mom. This kind of post is supposed to happen around Mother´s Day, but I don´t care. I want to do this now. And tomorrow is women´s day, so, it´s okay!

I think my Mom is awesome. She has long hair which I like to pull and play with. She thought of cutting them, but I don´t want her to do that. I like her hair. They smell nice.

Her favorite time of the day is morning. When the two of us can stay in bed and cuddle as much as we want. Yes, these days when Dad is also with us are super, but we enjoy our time together very much. She hugs and kisses me and smiles to me and I feel so loved that it hurts!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

She loves watching me sleep. I´m such a cutie pie when I´m asleep so I totally understand her! I sometimes smile in my sleep to make her happy. She likes that.

She´s rarely mad at me. Sometimes it happens, but it lasts like 5 seconds and then she smiles to me again. I know that I´m quite difficult sometimes, but she tries to understand that I´m still a baby. And babies are supposed to be a bit moody sometimes. And who wants to have a happy baby all the time?

She loves doing different things with me. Visiting friends, swimming, discovering nature, taking refreshing walks, watching outside the window to see birds flying, shopping, meeting new people, watching me having a massage every now and then, going hiking, discovering the whole wide world! She thinks that it´s never too early to experience all the world has to offer, so why wait!

Although we do all these fun things I´m grateful for her for letting me rest also. I´m still little and I need my sleep and quiet time. So, if she understands that today is not a good day to do some sort of things then we don´t do them. Then we have a rest day and we stay at home and have a quiet time, just the two of us.

I love that feeding me is a natural thing for her to do. The best feeling is to be close to Mom and fall asleep. Then eat a little through the sleep and again fall asleep deeply. That gives me a sense of security.

I know that Mom never leaves me. She is fulfilled with love. I can see it in her eyes every day. I know that she sometimes needs her own time also, but she is always there for me.

I enjoy discovering new things I´m capable of doing with Mom. She exercises with me daily and then, out of nowhere it turns out that I can grab things, turn myself, and other cool stuff! She is making her best to develop me. Yesterday when she wasn’t looking I turned from my back to my belly. She was amazed.

I like the fact that Mom hasn´t forgotten that she isn´t a Mom only. She is a wife. So she takes care of herself and tries to be there for Dad also. To have lovely dinners together and talk about other stuff but me also.

And she makes me watch The Bold and the Beautiful with her, so I have this going for me.

There are so many other reasons I love my Mom, but I can´t tell you everything at once. Some things have to wait the next time. I can´t reveal you everything at once!

I hope that Mom takes some time and goes out with her friends. To have a glass (or two!) of good wine and just chill. I promise you Mom, if you leave me a bottle then we will have the best time with Dad and you don´t have to worry. Do it, Mom! I promise I’ll still love you!

To end this post, I hope all you women have a fantastic women´s day tomorrow! Big hugs to all of you! If I could, I would send you flowers too, but I authorize all the men to do that for me!

Your huggybear Tobias!


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