Hi-hi my bunnies! Hope you had a nice evening yesterday! I sure did! The duck Mom made wasn´t the best, but that fact didn´t put my mood down. I played all evening and it was so much fun that I didn´t want to go to bed at all. Don´t know why parents made me! To please them, I finally fell asleep. But in parent’s bed and when Mom finally joined me. Thanks Mom, I love you!

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TB to wine-club

Mom is a bit moody today. She was stupid and counted on assets she would receive, but it´s not going to happen. Luckily, I get my food from Mom´s breasts, so the fact she doesn´t have money doesn´t affect me. I can still eat! It´s so good to be a baby! Parents will be eating potatoes and buckwheat the whole month. Maybe I will have a little less gas, when Mom doesn´t eat all sorts of fatty food. And sweets. Sweets are the worst! They make your teeth shatter into millions of pieces.

Tomorrow on the other hand is going to be a fun-fun day! Or at least I believe it is! Ella and Aron are going to visit me, playdate to the max! I´m so excited, I don´t even know how can I fall asleep at night. Thinking about which games we are going to play (crying and holding our heads and sticking our fingers in each other’s eyes) and worrying if Mom cleans the house, so I wouldn´t be embarrassed! Mom promised to bake something too, hope it´s going to be yummy!

After tomorrow´s playdate parents have to sort quite a lot of clothes. Mom and I are going to a flea market on Saturday. It takes place in Viimsi hobby center. It would be so nice if you would also come and visit me! Want to meet all my lovely readers! I know that 3 of my friends promised to come, hope they don´t let me down.

Dad was supposed to come also, but turned out that on Satuday is the last marathon thingy and Dad has to be there. He´s the one who brings in the money you know! At least someone works!

As I have a busy day planned for tomorrow I´m not sure if I have the time to write to you. If I don´t, then have a fun weekend and relax! The weather was supposed to be nice, at least in Viimsi, it will be sunny the whole weekend. Go outdoors and chill! On Sunday I´m maybe going hiking somewhere near Tallinn, if you would like to join me and my parents then let me know!

Tobias the chillmax babyboy

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


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