Playdates and fleamarket

Hello my lovely people! Tobias has survived the weekend! Was quite a good one, I have to admit.

I had a playdate with Ella and Aron and their Moms on Friday. It was so fun! We all behaved very nicely, cried only a little and no one except me fell asleep! I had a little powernap which lasted like 5 minutes, so it actually doesn´t count as a sleep. Ella´s Mom was holding me and it was just so nice to be in her lap that I didn´t even notice when I passed out. But as I said, I pulled myself together and woke up quickly! So, I´m very proud of all of us. We held hands, looked into each other eyes and yes, put our fingers into these beautiful eyes too. We have to discover everything you know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

At first I was a bit sad, that Ella had her eyes only for Aron. I felt myself so abandoned! Like a little puppy. Luckily, that passed and I hope I didn´t lose my girlfriend! Oh, is she my girlfriend? I don´t know! I haven´t asked, if she´s okay with that. I think that tomorrow when we´re going swimming, I´ll man up and ask her. Hope she says yes! Then it´s official. Whoa, I´m excited now! But when she says no? What I´m going to do then? My life would be over. Totes. Have to discuss with Mom and Dad.

Next week, I´m going to see Aron again, can´t wait! Her Mom has to give some beauty stuff for my Mom, hope we can go for a walk together. His Mom is so cute and I like her and their company! On next week is my mini-mini birthday too, don´t you all forget that!

On Saturday, it was my first flea market. That went quite well. Mom didn´t sell me. I´m happy about that! I have finally grown on Mom and I like to spend time with her as much as she does with me. So, Mom, I dare you to try this again!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Flea market itself was quiet. I saw many of my friends and even 2 readers came to see meeeee! No, 3, they had their baby also with them. I was so happy that someone actually wanted to meet me. Made my day so much nicer! They were so cool that we decided to have a playdate this week. So much fun!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The fact that some of my friends came to visit us meant that Mom actually earned a bit money. Most of the stuff she sold, was bought by my friends, so, you have to thank me, Mom! And maybe buy me some new toys? Oooooor, Xbox? I haven´t forgotten that!

Rest of the weekend was chillax to the max. Had a few long walks with parents, went for a run with Dad and pooped on Mom. To punish her for trying to sell me. I liked that weekend. Soon we´re going to have more this kind of weekends when we can just chill and rest. Parents are almost done with their Estoloppet season, finally!IMG_2995

Hope you had a nice weekend too! Sending you my fanciest smile!!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tobias the poopman!


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