Mom, a drug dealer?

It feels like spring today! Except the wind. It´s quite massive here in Viimsi. That´s the one thing I´m not happy about living here. That also ruined Mom´s plans to walk to the sea. It was way tooooo windy! She was afraid that we´re both going to fly away.

But let´s start from the beginning. Today I woke up early again. And again, parents were still sleeping! I have to teach them one or two things about life. First – wake up earlier and play with your kid! And second – if you want to sleep longer, at least buy your kid Xbox! Got it? Both of you?

Morning was fun, a lot of playing and a lovely lady stopped by our house. Mom gave her 3 big bags. What, Mom, a drug dealer? I wish. Then we would have a lot of money! No, in these bags were my clothes. Mom! You gave away all my clothes!

It turned out, that Mom gave these to the charity. I´m okay with that. Not all babies have so many clothes like me and I´m a big boy already, so many of my clothes don´t fit me anymore. How could they, if I´m that chubby?

If you have also some sort of stuff what you don´t need yourself anymore (can also be toys, grownup clothes etc.), then feel free to contact that lovely lady by this page – I assure you, they will be very happy!

It was my first good deed. Man, it felt good. Knowing that I made someones day so much better! So happy that Mom contacted that lady. What was your last good deed you did?

By the time the lady left, my my nap time was already on. Mom put me into my bed to put herself some clothes on (no, she wasn´t naked). And what I did? I closed my eyes for a second. In my own bed! In daytime! When I opened my eyes, the clock had been spinning for 45 minutes. How on earth did that happen?? Mom was quite surprised too.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So, I slept my first 45 minutes long sleep cycle in my bed and woke up, fresh as a daisy! Lets play, I thought! But no. We had to make that „to the sea“ trip (which didn´t happen). What a waste of play time! At least I saw some familiar faces outside. Marta with her Mom and their friend! It had been so long since the last time. Was nice to catch up and hope that we´re going to a walk together someday!

Now I´m having my usual chat-time with my ladybug, then Dad will come home and then.. Then I don´t even know what we´re going to do. Hope it’s nothing! Need some rest. Baby as I am! I like doing nothing.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


Kisses to you all!

Tobias the ididagooddeed guy



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