A living and growing organism

Today I can´t say that I was an early bird. I woke up 11.55. Yes. It was already time for my midday nap. I don´t know how! Mom was quite worried and checked me every five minutes, but the sleep was just so good. Maybe the fact that I had a massive cry last night was the reason? Nah, who cares. It felt good.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Yesterday´s evening was supposed to be fun and chill. It wasn´t. My first little tooth is coming and it hurts like hell. Parents tried to calm me down, but nothing really helped. Finally, when it was about midnight I fell asleep. The night itself was quite restless too. But now, everything is back to normal again!

Think that the long sleep helped. And the sun is out. And the birds are singing. And I had a lovely long walk with Mom. And tomorrow I´m going to see my grandparents! And the day after tomorrow the other grandparents! Maybe even great-grandma and grandpa. I haven´t seen them for quite a long time now. Hope that they have bought lots of new toys!! No pressure. I know you read this.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom told me, that if I wake up in the weekend at 7.30 like I´m used to now (except today) then she throws me to my grandparents’ room so they can entertain me. And parents can sleep. Til noon. Can’t wait! I think that grandparents would like that. They love me so so much and treasure every minute with me. Yes, you do. You do.

In the evening, we´re going to get some pizza. Dad doesn´t know that yet. Mom thinks that pizza is not junk food. Only if it has a thick base and like five different toppings then it´s unhealthy. But with a thin base and a bit of prosciutto and mozzarella and ruccola (or basil), so njoms!! So, Dad? Are you okay with that?

Btw, if you are in Viimsi and you would like to have a good pizza, then the best pizzas come from Coccodrillo. Mom approves!

I hope parents will take like 3 pizzas. Two for me and one for them. I´m not chubby, I can eat as much as I want! I’m a growing organism.

On that note, hoping not to get my tooth pain back again and sending you my biggest huggs too, of course!

Oh, and I looooooooove books!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


Tobias, the pizzaman



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