Do you have any idea how chubby I am?

It is Friday- Yayday! The weather is quite shitty, but still, a yayday!

Yesterday I got my pizza as I wanted. Or Mom wanted. Or we both wanted. It was niccce! I think this has to be a tradition, like our Ben&Jerry´s Sunday evenings are. A pizza Thursday. Sounds nice.  Have to discuss this with Mom and Dad!

Today is the Fridays usual – after a little mid-day powernap, I have to start packing again. Mom is lazy and told me, that I have to pack my things myself. What a .. Mom or something. Dad will be coming home today sooner than usual, so maybe he can help me. I really hope. I have no idea which things and how many I have to take with me. Or maybe grandparents let me be naked all the time, then I only need Moms breasts, my tooth cream and eye cleaning stuff. And my stroller. And my car crib. And my bunny. Bunny is the most important thing! Even more important than Mom. So, Tobias, do not forget to take the bunnnnnny!!!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow I have a walk planned with my friends. One is already and old friend but the other one. It´s the first time I´m going to see him! Mom told, that he bought me something from US, can´t wait to see what it is! So excited!

Other than the walk, I have nothing planned for the weekend. Think we´re going to sauna and eat some good food. On Sunday I´m hoping to see my great grandad and if great grandma is back at home from the hospital then we´re going to visit her too! Think I´m a bit too little to visit her in the hospital. So, hope she´s back home! They both saw me like 3 months ago. I was a baby then! Now I´m a man.

About being big – parents weighted me. What do you think how much I weight? Mom was surprised that so little. Okay, I´m not torturing you, my little chubby body weighs 7.045kg. So little! I´m not chubby at all! Or as one friend told me last weekend – your cheeks are only chubby, other than that you´re quite slim! I think that the pizza Thursdays are a thing! I´m almost underweight (actually no)!

I hope you all have a fun weekend and you find time to relax! That´s what the weekends are made for! Hugs!

Tobias, the bunnyman!


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