I’m a hunter! I chase moose! No, seriously!

First of all, sorry for posting so late in the evening. Had some errands to run. BUT..

Happy International Day of Happiness! Ironic. Today´s day is supposed to be all about being happy, but I feel quite down. I don´t know if it’s about teething or is it a full moon or what. But yes, have had better days. Today Mom tried to put me to sleep at lunch, but I cried like an hour. Outside. Where all the people heard me. No success for her! But she took me to the seaside for the first time in my life!IMG_4030.JPG

On the other hand, the weekend was much fun! Saw my grandparents and great-grandparents and many friends. Even more friends than I hoped for!

On Friday we arrived quite late to my grandparents’ house, so had a short night. On Saturday´s morning, first I had a little play at grandparents bed. They loved it! After that, about 10 o´clock Dad was a good husband to Mom and took me downstairs so Mom could have some more sleep. I think he is a good man to Mom! The best you could wish for!

When Mom finally woke up we had a lovely long breakfast. Mom said, that it´s her favorite part of being at grandparents – having a nice long relaxed breakfast. No one is in a hurry and can just talk and enjoy the good company. I think that it´s going to be my favorite thing too! I like people!

When breakfast was over, it was already time for my nap. We headed outdoors for a walk where my lovely friends joined me. I got a gift! The new guy (and also a new friend) brought me a bodysuit from NY! I´ll put it on some day and you´ll see it too. So have a little patience. But believe me, I look awesome in it!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the walk we headed to my other grandparents’ house. Had a little catch-up and then we went to the woods. To feed wild animals and to check if we see some paw prints. My Dad and Grandad are both hunters. When I´m old enough, I´m going hunting with them! Can´t wait for that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we were on our way home then something caught Mom´s eye. It was a moose! When we stopped our car and backed up, it turned out that there were two of them. My first wild animals! Moose just chilled near the road and weren´t afraid of us at all. They were so so big, that I was a little scared to be honest. Sometimes I´m still a baby, not a Man. Can´t be brave and strong all the time!

In the evening, we had a sauna and I saw more of my friends. Got two, yes, TWO more gifts! Big big thanks to you all! It´s so sweet of all of you just to bring me gifts. It´s not even my birthday or anything. How come I have such good people around me?! Or you are just sad for me that my parents don´t buy me the long wanted Xbox? I think that´s it!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On Sunday, I had morning cuddles with grandparents too, my dads’ parents, had pancakes for breakfast (my Grandma is so good and made these by request) and saw my great-grandparents. They both haven´t got older even for a day since the last time. Still young and beautiful!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Finally, late at night we arrived back home. Huugh, it was another tiring weekend. Maybe it´s also one reason I was so bitchy today? Don´t know! Hope to pull myself together, tomorrow is the swimming day. Need to be rested and chilled, think Ella wouldn´t like to see a whiny me!

!!! I almost forgot! Today the spring started! Wish all of you a happy springtime! Mom told, that soon the trees are going to get green and the grass will be green and other cool stuff will be happening. And GREEN! I haven´t seen these things before so I´m exciiiiteeeed!!!!

So, have a nice evening and I´ll see you tomorrow!


Tobias, the littlewhinyman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


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