Guess what day it is!

Happy B-Day to meee!! I´m 4 months old now! How the time flies, it was just like yesterday when I was with Mom and Dad in the hospital and I was tiny as a little pug. Now my head is almost as big as Mom´s. So, yes, I´m big! Officially!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Dad figured out what´s wrong with me. I have my fourth month sleep regression and/or growth spurt. If you´re interested what it is and if you´re in the same age than me then maybe you can find that helpful to read –

After reading this Mom and Dad understood that they are not doing anything wrong. It´s all me! I´m just growing and developing. A baby, you know! Hopefully it passes as fast as it started.

Yesterday we went to my uncle´s birthday. Saw many relatives and there was also a little boy, just two weeks older than me. He had already mastered turning himself. And he started crawling yesterday. Like, yes. Crawling! Babies start to crawl when they are 7 months old or something. He is so skilled! And I just layed there on the floor on my back like a jellyfish. No hurry, no worry.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay, I promised Mom that I start to turn myself in a week. She feels herself a bit bad, that I haven´t mastered that skill yet. Like it´s her fault. Although she knows that it isn´t.

Mom, relax, I´ll start doing all the things when I´m ready for them! I just need a bit more time. Or my head is just that big that I´m never going to turn myself. That´s one opportunity too!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Birthday itself was fun, my little cousin is very fond of me. She likes to hold me and play with me all the time when we visit them. I like her too very much! She also gave me my first rubber duck. Thank you, Sofia! You´re so sweet. In the future, when we both are older (she´s 5 now) she´s going to be my babysitter. For sure. She´s so good at taking care of me already.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we arrived back home I fell asleep deeply. I have had almost a sleepless day so I was very very tired. So, I slept 12 hours straight. Okay, Mom feed me a few times and I cried a few times (poo troubles you know), but other than that, just sleep! Mom was happy that she could rest a little bit longer in the morning too. It was my gift to her!

In the evening, I´m hoping to get my birthday presents. Although Mom told, that the sneakers I got yesterday were my birthday present. And Dad bought me a teeth-toy the day before that. So maybe I ´m happy with these things. Have to think about that. Or maybe Dad will give something to Mom for my birthday? Wink-wink! Or otherwise? Mom? Oooooor, my uncle is coming to visit us, yes, he is going to bring gifts for all of us! Yes, figured that out. It´s a plan!

Now I´m trying to have a nice nap, have to be well rested for the evening! Oh, I almost forgot! Got cake yesterday. It was curdcheese cake, tasted noms! Wonder which cake we´re having today for my birthday? Hope something good!

Sending you my luuuuv!


Tobias, the birthdaymanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


2 thoughts on “Guess what day it is!

  1. Selle keerlemise ja pöörlemisega on aega küll! S. hakkas 5.5kuuselt (: Nüüd pereõde pani homseks aja perearsti juurde, et pole küll hullu, aga võiks ka juba teadlikult kõhult seljale tagasi end pöörata – 2 päeva peale seda võttis kätte ja tegi ära 😃 Nii et küll kõik tuleb omal ajal ja suure üllatusega!


    1. Kui tore kuulda, et ka teiste arvates ei ole sellega kiiret kuhugi! 🙂 Ja üllatustena tulevad need oskused tõesti, üleöö lausa!


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