Today is going to be awesome!

It´s so sunny! And I slept til noon! It´s good to be a baby sometimes. You can sleep as much as you want. My tummy was also very full. Had so much good stuff yesterday.

As the swimming lessons did not happen this week, I´ll call it a cheat week. I’ll eat everything I want! And as much as I want. Who is with me?!

Since we are already talking about food, then good news to all to you who live in Viimsi – Wolt is in Viimsi now! Mom has waited that for quite a long time. And now it finally happened!

Yesterday´s evening was so nice. My uncle visited us, since it was my mini-birthday, and made dinner for us. Chicken and blue cheese pasta. Was so nomnomnom! He should visit us more often. Sometimes I even forget how grey his hair is.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Before the dinner, we did grocery shopping with Dad and uncle. Had a little men time. It´s good to be without Mom sometimes. Quite of tired of her already! Every morning the same face looking and smiling at me. Okay, just kidding, I love her and the smiling part is my favorite. The exercises she makes me do are not so fun.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I was supposed to go to a board game evening with Dad and his workmates. But it´s not going to happen. The event was cancelled. I´m so sad. Wanted to see all of them and have fun! Now I have to be at home with Dad. Just the two of us. For the very first time (Britney, I know). Mom is having her dinner date with Ella´s mom if you don´t remember. I believe Dad can handle me. I try to be a good boy and not cry very much. And to fall asleep nicely. Hope I succeed!

I´m very excited about the evening. I´m sure Dad has planned us many interesting and new games which I haven´t played before! Or maybe we´re going running together? We used to do that and I quite liked it. Will have to wait and see!

Hope you have a lovely sunny day! Kisses!

Tobias, the foodman



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