Rock ‘n’ rollover

I fulfilled my promise! I told last Thursday to Mom that I will start turning myself in a week. I did it! My first turn was on Sunday, after a VERY long trying period. I tried all day long, it made me so mad but finally I managed to turn myself. Yesterday I rested, didn´t want to ruin the good memory. But then, today, when we arrived back home from swimming. I did it again and again! It just happened. I don´t know. I think that swimming mitigated the stiffness in my muscles or something. Anyhow, Mom, I promised it and I did it! Will I get my Xbox now?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

For parents, it isn´t very good news though. Now they can´t put me on the washing machine to change my diapers and do some other stuff on the same time. Like pee. Or wash their teeth. Or hang clothes to dry. But I don´t care! I´m quite satisfied you know.

Today´s swimming was fun, did some diving and other cool exercises. Had a long chat with Ella about what we both have been up to recently. Two weeks with no communication, takes time to talk all the talks! She is more skilled than I am. She can turn to her tummy and back tooo! Hope I master that other skill soon. Then we can have a turning competition or something! Can´t wait for that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the swim, as usual, we went out to eat. As Mom is still a bit ill she ordered a smoothie bowl which included po*loads of healthy stuff, so she´s supposed to be back to her health tomorrow! I don´t like when she´s ill, then she´s all dizzy and forgets stuffs. And to maximize getting well she´s making ramson pesto-pasta tonight. I believe that ramsons will do the trick!

Tonight we´re going to change the cars tires with Dad. I´m so excited for that! I´m still a man and very interested in all the things which relate to cars. And other machines. Think it´s going to be fun. Can´t wait for the first time when I can change a tire myself too. This sounds so awesome! Think it´s going to take a few years though. Like two or eighteen or something.

Now I´m having a little rest and then start that turning thingy again! Giving Mom a chance to relax a bit. And then, we roll!


Tobias, the rolloverman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset




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