Pregnancy overview from a Dad’s point of view

Hi guys! My Dad is going to give you an overview of what comes with having a baby, an awesome one, like me. From the dad-point-of-view. This might become a sequel, or not. We’ll see. Anyhow, my Dad wanted to write all this down, since this blog is a form of memory book for our family. And maybe this post can help you during the whole thing, keep you going.

So, when we found out we were expecting, we had just arrived back home from our regular springtime snowboarding trip.IMG_0648

I was on my way home, driving, when I got a call from the future Mom. It went something like this – “Honey, please bring some more pregnancy tests. These are weird.”The sun came out, in my mind at least. I couldn’t hear or see or notice anything while rushing to the pharmacy. Bought a handful of tests and back to the car to rush my way back home like a formula 1 driver. As I arrived, the future Mom was baffled. And the testing started. Most of them came back positive.


To be honest, we were happy as hell. We still are.

Since on the same day it was time to visit our parents for the weekend, we did an additional test on the half way – one (or two) that were supposed to give us the early results. Positive.

Tons of ideas, worries and hopes were heading in our way in the next days, weeks and months.


What do we need, what are our possibilities and what we should and should not prepare – were the main questions. Oh, and when to tell who. Our parents and siblings got to know quite soon. We had to tell most of our friends before the regular “after the first trimester”. We did it shortly before or at our own wedding. Even though the bump was not visible through the dress.27.05.16.-0052

The first thing was to sell our current car – I had tested it with my brothers’ babies, the pram could not fit in the boot. With other things anyway. While we had thought about changing it, now we had to. Thought and done.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A mesmerizing surfing on the web for lists about preparing for a baby started. Thousands of things you apparently need with thousands of euros they cost. Each list has different items. Everyone is telling a different story. Eventually we skipped the list reading and started our own. Maybe we’ll post our list and ideas someday, if anyone is interested.

To reuse as much as we could, was the idea we yet have not regretted. And to ask from people, who have had a baby. The whole “unknown” is the tricky part about pregnancy. No one has talked about what and when in school. Fortunately, I had my brothers’ and sisters’ families with a fresh memory of having a baby. My suggestion – do not hesitate to ask. Ask from us if you want.IMG_1406

Health-wise, the first trimester was fun – did not know my wife has so many emotions. Nor did I know that a persons’ thermostat malfunctions during pregnancy. My wife was constantly feeling cold. Or hot. Or both. And the fact that you can get SO tired was amazing.

Couldn’t wait for the second trimester, where everything should turn for better and the miscarriage possibility turn down.IMG_0701

But the months and the worries only started.

In the next trimesters I did not worry about the future or the fact that we are having a baby as much as I did for the wellbeing of the future Mom. The constant new pains and aches, while none of them were familiar, were exhausting. The love of your life is in pain and there’s nothing you could really do (obviously we will get back to it in the next, birth, episode). We even visited the emergency room for a couple of times. One of them was especially memorable. This was the first and only time I did not go to the doctors’ room with her. When she came out, she was crying. A lot. My mind was full of all different ideas. But it all turned out OK. I was pissed. Even had an official conversation with the hospitals’ management.

To look back, maybe the second trimester was the easiest, just maybe.IMG_2272

Every time after the regular check-ups, I started to wait for the next one. Just to be sure everything is still ok. With the baby and the Mom. And even during the check-ups – is the doctor thorough enough and will they check absolutely everything. Does the baby have all toes and fingers, hands and legs. Both eyes and ears. I had absolutely no idea how much worries this whole thing will bring. In the movies it’s all sunshine and butterflies as you know.IMG_2370

We managed to start buying baby stuff from the beginning, to be a bit more cost-efficient. We bought our first stroller already in the first trimester, since Brexit brought the UK Amazon prices down. Good decision. Giving the fact that preparing for the baby and buying the necessary thing is not hundreds of euros, more in the thousands of them.

Also, I had absolutely no idea how many of our friends and relatives had babies and wanted to offer us different things. Thank you guys. Unbelievable.

The months went by, the belly was growing (as well as other body parts, if you know what I mean) and THE MOMENT was coming closer. It had already come quite clear that our small apartment is suitable for a short period of time. Got this sorted. Moving in in the summer.IMG_0680-ANIMATION

Oh and the important question – when to share the news in the social media J

Turned out, that most of the people in our parents’ neighborhood knew everything before we had shared the news with the public. I know it was you!

The short conclusion of the pregnancy for guys – the longest and shortest 9 months of my life. So far. Also the happiest and scariest. And all other –ests, emotion-wise. But doable, enjoyable even to look back at. So, don’t worry J

Oh and she did not throw up, but man, could she eat!IMG_0894

Turned out it will probably be a sequel.

The Dad


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