Help me out here, please!

Tobias is back! Did you like yesterday´s post? I thought it was so cool of Dad to write this. It was a total surprise to me! Hope he´s going to continue writing some posts in the future as well. Probably next week. I need my days off and I think it´s fun for you also to read some other topics also than my daily life.

If we´re already talking about this post thing. What kind of posts would you like me to write? Or my Mom or Dad? It can be anything, our daily life, making some lists about baby stuff, doing even vlogs about our goings and doings.. just name it! Think it would be fun to have some other content too than just me and my babling every day! So, bring it on, can´t wait for your suggestions!

Yesterday was actually a good day for me. To make it up to Mom (the day before – crying) I was a happy baby! I laughed and played happily and cried only a tiny bit. I didn´t fall asleep in the evening as I´m used to (when Mom feeds me), but I was totally okay to play with my bunny like half an hour and not cry. Parents were quite surprised! I´m learning how to entertain myself, I think it´s an important skill to master. Mom doesn´t have to be a clown all the time. I´m a big boy you know, I can play alone too! Some day even with Xbox!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today has been also quite nice. Did a bit of cleaning and grocery shopping with Mom. As Dad is away in the evening I think we´re going to have something really good for dinner. Like candy. Oh!! Yesterday was the pizza day and we forgot! How could we. Damnit. So, no candies, it´s pizza evening today!

Tomorrow we´re going to a Design Market and visit some drift stores, hoping to find some cool stuff for our future home. Were supposed to see Ella also tomorrow, but unfortunately that plan was cancelled. Next time!

On Sunday parents are thinking going to a bog again. As Viru bog is a bit bad for the pram we ditched the idea of going there. So, my lovely people, do you know a bog or a nice hiking trail near Tallinn where it´s comfortable with a pram? I´m very thankful to you if you share your cool spots with me!

So, pretty please, share your thoughts about the posts thing and also about bog/hiking trails. If you do, then I promise I´ll be the bestest baby to parents this weekend! So now you have to do it, you don´t want parents to be sad. Do you? Okay? Okay!

You know I love you!

XOXO, Tobias, the b(l)ogman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


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