A small bite for man, a giant leap for Tobias.

Ciao bellas! New week! New start! New experiences! Yes, yes. You know what? Today was a really special day for me. I tried real food for the very first time. It wasn´t milk. It had a texture, you know! It´s kind of a big deal for me, you know. YOU KNOW! Mom was so cool and filmed it. Have a look!

As you can see it was delicious! I really liked that. And now, let´s hope that my digestive system goes – yiiippee! And voila, all my tummy problems will disappear! Fingers crossed.

I hope that all of you went outdoors yesterday. It was so warm. The warmest weather my eyes have ever seen. Like spring! We had a lovely long walk with parents. Had my first outdoor eating experience too! Was quite nice not to be stuck in the car and trying to eat there.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope that the weather is going warmer and warmer each day. I reallly like that. I´m quite tired of that gray and sticky weather. Okay, today the weather is ugly too but it shall pass, I must hope! Then it´s so much nicer. Mom told, that we´re going to have longer walks and eat some ice-cream while we´re at it and do other fun stuff too that you can only do outside. Like sit on a bench. I haven´t done that! Okay, I´m not really good at sitting yet, but I’ll get to it. The skill I mean. Soon my bellas, soon! Ohh, then I can have outdoor play dates tooooo! Who wants to come to a playground with me?!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

BTW, yesterday I went out in my big-boys stroller and slept in it! It’s BLUE-ish! And damn, is it comfortable.


Saturday was fun too. We visited some thrift stores and furniture shops and parents found a new couch again. They have found 3 so far. Now they have to decide which one to choose. We´re going to IKEA too in the beginning of May, I´m quite sure that Mom finds some couches there too. Hope not! The main reason we´re going there is to buy me a feeding chair. And to have a fun day!

It´s going to be my first foreign country visit.

On that note, parents have to make me an ID card! Good that I´m writing about that, now Mom remembers to take a photo of me. Hope she dresses me nicely for the photo. Did you know that toddlers ID card lasts for 5 years? Like, how´s that logical? After 4 months, I look totally different. And when I´m 2 years old? No one could tell who that baby on that photo is! Whoa, it got me all excited and stuff! Must calm down.

Back to Saturday. We visited the Design Market. Mom saw her old friend, who is now designing some cool stuff, take a look – http://xaos-design.com/. I think these things are cool, if I´m older and have a girlfriend then I´m buying her something from this collection! Now all the baby girls are all freaked out and afraid to be friends with me? No? Hope not!

Unfortunately, this time we bought nothing. Even not for me! Although there was some cool stuff besides xaos design. Some cool clothes and toys.

No, I´m lying. Mom bought ice-cream. No surprise! LaMuu has a special collection ice-creams for Tallinn Music week. Tasted nice! Better than the salted caramel one they have. It has too big caramel chunks in there. Mom almost broke her teeth!

Tomorrow is the swimming day again and in the evening, we´re going to a B-day. My lovely cousin turned two yesterday. Happy B-Day Susanna! Tomorrow I´ll give you a big big hug!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Now I´m going to take my nap and then have a massive playdate with Mom. Because she is so awesome and I know, that she doesn´t want to do anything more than to play with me! You don´t have to do the dishes or clean the house or epilate your feet or something. No, you don´t. I told Dad in the morning that today is a play day and not „I´m a good wife day”.

I hope that Mom doesn´t read this before the evening but Dad also told me in the morning that he´s going to bring some flowers to Mom today! Just because she´s there for me and Dad. And because she´s the bestest too!

Have a happy week my bellas!

Tobias, the realfoodman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


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