The exhausted guy

Whoa, don´t know where to start! Last time I wrote on Monday, right? Yes, yes.

So, yesterday I had my swimming lessons, went quite okay. My mood wasn´t the bestest, so I didn´t enjoy it as much as I´m used to, but next time will be better! This time I had a swimming lesson with two of my friends! Marta was also swimming with her mom. Was good to see her, the last time was already like a month ago! We had a private lesson, the three of us – me, Ella and Marta. I like these kind of lessons, then the coach can teach us individually. So nice!

After the swim, Ella and her mom invited us over to their house, to have a little playdate and to go for a walk. I didn´t have to think twice, I agreed! The only downside was, I didn’t have time to write to you. But you understand, I know you do!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So, we spent our afternoon in Nõmme, walking in pinewoods and eating ice-cream. The weather was warm and the birds were singing and everything were very chill. After the walk, we had a little play with Ella and Platon (he is the most awesomest big dog I have seen!) and suddenly it was already time for me and Mom to leave.

Off to another party! As I mentioned, my cousin turned two on Sunday, so yesterday was the party. It took place in Laura´s Kitchen, it´s a cool partyplace in Kalamaja. If I´m older, then I´m going to have so much fun in these playrooms! This time I had to settle with just watching and cheering the others. Saw many of my relatives and spent a lovely time! The cake was also njom!

When we finally arrived home in the evening, I was so overwhelmed of the day that I just couldn´t fall asleep! So, I spent quite some time chatting with my bunnies before finally the sleep fairy came and put me to sleep. Mom was also very tired. We haven´t had that kind of a day before that we leave home at 9 am and will be back at 9 pm. Was tiring!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Our hopes that we can sleep the next morning nice and long weren´t meant to happen though. It was time for another playdate! And as funny as it is, again in Laura´s Kitchen! Mom laughed, that we should have stayed there for the night. Would have been less driving back and forth. This playdate was with Dad´s workmates and their children. Or with workmates wives and their children. Anyhow, saw a few already old friends and met many new ones. Had a lovely time!

And now, now we´re finally back at home. Mom said that she refuses to do anything today. The only thing we have to do is go grocery shopping. I think we´re going to do that when Dad is back at home from work. Until then we´re going to rest with Mom and play a little. But mostly, rest.

Oh, tired but happy! Have had two very good days! Mom told, that tomorrow is rest day and we´re going to have a nice long walk in the afternoon. And that´s the only thing we have planned. Other than that, having cuddles and laugh and play! Me likes that plan!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope you forgive me about yesterday! Just didn´t have the time!

Big big huggs to you all!


Tobias, the tiredman


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