Mom needs advice, baby advice

As today is my rest day then I´m going to make this one short. Mom needs help. Can anyone tell her why is it, that I´m incapable of sleeping more than 45 minutes in daytime? We go outside, everything is okay, when my first sleep-cycle is over I wake up. Sometimes I fall asleep again, but after 5 minutes I´m up. I´m capable of going from one sleep-cycle to another, but the sleep itself is so weak, that I wake up all the time. Mom doesn’t like that! And me neither, to be honest. I want to be a happy well rested baby! So, if anyone has some ideas, what could help, then it would be very nice of you to share your thoughts with me. Thank you!

That said, you already figured out that the long relaxing walk didn’t happen, right? No, it didn’t. But I´m okay with that, I like to play! Sleep can wait. Hope Mom forgives me that!

Dad was supposed to go to work with a bicycle again today. She woke up 12 minutes before he had to be at work. The result – no bicycle! Yes, the car! As my big boys’ stroller is in the car, we had to go outside with my old and big pram. Parents are thinking of putting the old one to a winter vacation and start using the little stroller. I´m not quite sure, how good idea is that, but we´ll see. Maybe soon. When the weather is constantly warm and the sun is shining every day.IMG_6607

I like the brand of my big boy stroller – Mamas and Papas. Maybe we’ll do a review of it someday. Or of other stuff we have. If anyone is interested.

You see, I´m still babbling, it was supposed to be a short post! So, let´s end it.

The wisdom of the day – if you have nothing smart to say, don´t say anything at all!

Oh, and Dad will write his next post any day now! Stay tuned!

Love ya all!

Tobias, the nosleepman

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