A really busy weekend

Hello my lovely friends! A new week again, what a joy!

Unfortunately, I didn´t make it to the post on Friday. We had a city day with Mom. Dad had a part-time home office and Mom had a dentist appointment in lunch-time. After these, we all went to the city, Dad to work and we went shopping with Mom. Dad needed a few bits and we also needed to do some grocery shopping for Saturday´s Italian themed dinner date.

It was my first experience in these crazy things called Osturalli and Hullud Päevad. Was mad! So many people everywhere. But I survived. Was a bit afraid, but big boy as I am, I managed to handle all the crowd. When Dad was ready with his work we went to Ülemiste. Mom had ordered me a really cool dinnerware set from Zara Home. So, I now have my very own dining set. Like a mug, two spoons, a bowl, a plate. How cool! Soon I´ll have my own chair too and then it´s all settled with my eating things. So happy about that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the evening, we had a lovely time at home with parents. Dad made Mom a very jummy pasta dish and after some playing and a long bath it was time for me to go to bed. I was passed out.

And then, then it was Saturday! Long chill morning with cuddles and Mom let me wear my new hat all morning long. It has a Mickey Mouse on it. I´m a fan you know!

When breakfast was finally done, we had a little walk and then it was time to visit our friends. And you know what, we used public transport for that! My first! We drove with a bus, with a tram and with a train! I think I liked the train the most. Or the bus. It made me sleep so deeply. Certainly going to ride with bus again!

Finally, after some long tripping, we arrived to Ella´s parents place. Was so good to see Platon and Ella and her Mom again! It was the first time for me to meet Ella´s dad. Was a bit afraid at the beginning, still, maybe the future father in law. Hope I left a good impression! We had a very lovely evening, played with Ella and slept in Ella´s pram. It was nice. Like sleeping next to her! Oh, unfortunately I didn´t managed to fall into my night-sleep there, so I had quite a long evening and I was quite overtired when we finally started our way home. So, I cried all the way. Think the taxi driver was quite happy when we finally arrived to Viimsi. But blah, I´m a baby. Babies cry!

On Sunday, we slept quite long. I was so so tired! After a long breakfast and a little powernap we went to a walk with parents. And I fell asleep again. So deeply that I slept like 4 hours. I haven´t slept that long quite a long time. Parents didn´t want to wake me up and so they walked all the time. 19 389 steps to be accurate. That long walked also included two ice-creams, a little cheeseburger and 3 pies. Hungry parents.

Finally, when it was almost evening, I woke up, had a little play at home and then off to my uncle´s place. A little relaxing sauna night to end the long weekend. Played with my nieces and had so good time!

Today has been fun too. Played with Mom, had a long walk and then we took pictures of my old clothes. We don´t have enough room in the closet so Mom has to sell things which are too small for me. I hope they find a cool new baby, who enjoys wearing them as much as I did!

And now. Now I wish to you a fun new week! Mine is going to be full of swimming, doctor´s appointment, dinner-date with wine-club and then off to the countryside to see my grandparents!


Sending you my love!

Tobias, the restedmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset




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