Got my tactical combat measurements today

Vauchywau! I think Dad should write this blog instead of me. Yesterday was the record number of readers. Think he´s a star, not me. Or still, I am! Yes. Sorry Dad. But you just aren´t so cool and cute as I am!

Today I had my doctor´s appointment. She told that I´m not too fat. I´m normal! Haa, I don´t want to be normal, I´m special! My uncle asked Dad if I´m in Guinness book of world records, because I have the biggest eyes. Think I should be in there. Parents have to report me or something.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

My other measurements were okay too. 7750 kg and 66 cm. Big boy (or heavy boy)! Even the head wasn´t that big – 44cm. Or is that big? I don’t know, how big my head is supposed to be? I got a shot too, I didn´t cry at all! I only made a pretty ugly face and then smiled, the doctor lady was very pleased with me. I´m too to be honest!

Yesterday´s swimming lessons was the bestest so far! We did some different exercises that we´re used to and it was so much fun! I tried my best and I was so tired after the swimming that I slept on the way home and then 2 hours at home. I rarely do that! Mom was very pleased with me.

She is a bit tired herself too. So she was a bit of a b*tch yesterday with Dad. But Dad is the most awesomest and wasn´t even a bit mad at her! Thank god, I have such a cool Dad. She made Mom dinner (fried macarons with moose sausage – total comfort food!) and let her rest.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I think that it´s the spring tireness or something. Today´s doctor appointment was 11.30, we woke up with Mom 11.00. Hope we both had enough sleep to be cheerful and happy tonight, becaaaaause – we have a wine-club dinner-date! This time we are going outside, to an Italian restaurant. I´m so looking forward seeing Liisu, it has been so long since the last time. She´s such an awesome little girl, I like her so much!

Mom even succeeded already in selling some clothes of mine. I was a bit sad, but then she ordered me very coolio 6-pack of tank tops. They are pastel colored and I´m going to look like a total cuteness in these! Dad wants me to look like a man, but Mom still likes me to be her little teddy bear with cuteness overload! Haa, a side note – I pooped like a real man today! Look, wasn´t that pretty!?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I think it was. Mom thought it wasn´t. She was all covered with my poo. I had poo even on my head. And because I had an injection Mom couldn´t wash me properly so it was quite funny to watch her struggle getting me clean. Highlights of the day!

Now I´m going to sleep, have to be rested for tonight´s dinner date!

Wish you a nice evening and sending you my biggest and warmest hugs!


Tobias, the pooman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset



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