That’s one sticky MF outside. Go away, please.

What the heck is happening outside? Where´s the sun? Where are all the butterflies? Whyyyy??? My little baby brain can´t take it!

Hope the weather is getting better and all the snow will melt and the sun will come out. Because, it´s a long weekend and parents have planned so much fun things! All these things are supposed to happen outside and with a nice sunny weather. So, dear snow, please go away. Now!

Even our home was cold when we woke up with Mom in the morning. I´m used to waking up and it´s warm and sun is shining. Today was the blah outside and Mom had to even put trousers on me. Like, trousers, you understand me right? Mom refused to take off her bathrobe and put other clothes on, so we´re chilling and playing like total losers, with pants and bathrobe. A total home chill.

When Dad gets home we´re going to pack our stuff and head to the east to see my grandparents. Hope they have prepared – bought me a lot of presents and will be energized, they have to play with me all the time! If tomorrow the weather is nice, then we´re going to Narva. I have never been there! I´m a bit afraid, but Mom told that it´s cool. So, maybe we´ll come back alive!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Yesterday was our wine-club dinner-date. We had so nice time! The place we went looked a bit of.. not so cozy, is maybe the best explanation, but the food was really great! The pizzas were huge! Like, huge!! Look!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Although parents aren´t fans of fat bottom pizzas, this one was so delicious! If any of you would like to have these massive and njommy pizzas, then head over to Taverna del Gallo Nero! It´s located in Kadriorg, next to the park. So, why not to order a pizza and then head over to the park? It´s actually a very good idea. Have to share that with Ella, maybe sometime after the swimming lesson we can do that (when the blah goes away outside)!

Was good to see my uncle and other friends too, I´m almost as big as Liisu! We had a little catch up and maybe, just maybe, we´re going to see each other in the weekend again. I really hope so!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I think that tomorrow there will be no new post. As in Estonia (and in other countries too I believe?) is a national holiday. It´s a free day and I´m going to take my day off too! The next time I´ll write, will be on Monday. A little teaser too – next week there will the first Mom post! Yes, yes, it will happen!

I now try to sleep a little. Soon Dad will be home and then off we go!

I wish you happy Easter and lots of colorful eggs!


Tobias, the eggman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset




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