They have a saying – not all days are brothers

Being a baby isn´t an easy job. Like, yesterday was such a good day! I slept very nicely at night (4 hours straight!), was a little smiley baby in the morning, then had a good swimming lesson, chatted with Ella and then had a lovely time at the Klaus cafe with Mom, Ella and her mom. Everything was so chill!

And what today? Parents decision that I´m a big boy and I don´t need my probiotics anymore has had its effect. I slept, how to say, very badly at night. Constant gas pain. I swiggled like a little worm the entire night. Mom couldn´t sleep too because of that. In the morning, I was so tired of the night, and of course, the gas pain hadn´t gone anywhere. So now I am trying to sleep and waking up in every 5 minutes because the pain is so tough.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom is supposed to be cleaning and making the home pretty, we have guests coming over in the evening. She also has a migraine, which is not a good thing to have. Luckily the guests aren´t really guests, they are my dear neighbors. Sorry neighbours, but you know, that we´re like a little family and our evenings pass usually in home clothes and in a very relaxed mood, so you understand when Mom doesn´t have the energy to get all the things cleaned up. Actually, I´m quite waiting todays evening. Neighbours went to Porto, I wonder wether they brought me something nice. No pressure, no! Or maybe they just brought parents some wine. We´ll see!

Yesterday I also peed on all my outerwear. So today when we went outside with Mom, she had quite a struggle to find some clothes to put on me. I didn´t made it any easier for her, I showed very loudly how I felt about those outfits. Luckily something did fit me and I got fresh air and Mom got chocolate from the grocery store. Win-win!

Okay for now. I try to be a good boy for the rest of the day. I really-really try. So that Mom wouldn´t be all sad and mad at me at the same time. I´m even helping her to make dinner, we´re having some beef dish with baby asparagus, sounds njom! Mom also bought chips from the store, that´s how desperate she is!

I hope you have the bestest evening full of love and laughter!

The biggest kisses you can imagine! Yes, to you! From the sweetest Tobias!


Tobias, the gasman


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