I’m tired of the old taste, new ones are waiting

Well hello there! Today is so warm! I was so surprised, when we went out with Mom. Like it´s spring again. I was very happy about that. So happy, that I almost immediately fell asleep. A good baby, I know, I am! My night was so-so, still haven´t totally got over my gas thing, but it´s getting better!

Yesterday was such a good night.

When Dad got home, I got to clean the house! This was SO awesome. I hope I get to clean the house with Dad again and when I’m older, i’m going to clean it all myself!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As you know then we had a dinner date with our neighbours. Unfortunately, they brought me nothing, but Mom got an oven glove. I didn´t even knew that she collects those! When she visits a foreign country, she buys an oven glove which is characteristic to that place. I think it´s cool. Now she has a Porto one too!

Neighbours brought port wine too. I didn´t get to taste that. Yes, still baby. But parents thought it was very good. I think that neighbours like me. They played with me all night. It´s good when someone wants to play with you and you don´t have to play on your playmat alone! Yes, Mom, looking at you!

Today we have a cake night. Mom bought a big big carrot cake, she tries not to eat it all before Dad gets home. Dad has to visit neighbours too on his way home. They are so kind and are giving Mom some beet and carrot, which they have storaged in the freezer. So Mom can make me some other purees too beside the pumpkin one I´m having. To be honest, I really don´t like that anymore. Need some change! Can’t wait for the new stuff. Hope the new stuff is better than the pumpkin one!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow is already Friday and we´re going east again. Parents have to do some work. On Sunday, there is Alutaguse Bicycle Marathon https://www.rattamaratonid.ee/et/etapid?competition_id=24 and they are helping to organize it. That means I can see my grandparents again! Whooop! Don´t know if the bicycle marathon has children´s race too. If it is, then I want to participate! Think parents are okay with that.

As Mom wants to visit Design Trade Fair tomorrow afternoon then I´m not sure if I have the time to write a post. I hope I can find the time, but I´m not promising. As at 6 o´clock we have to be in Alutaguse Sports Centre for an important meeting, then I´m not sure. But we´ll see! Everything is possible. Maybe I can talk parents into vloging our little trip, have to discuss it with them. Think that Mom agrees but Dad is a bit against it, he´s the one who has to edit all the material.

Anyhow, hope you have a nice day and enjoy it!



Tobias, the pureemanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


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