I’m sick, everybody!

Hey guys! What a long and tireing weekend I had! Long, but nice. Hope yours was good too!

Unfortunately, despite having a good time I managed to get sick. I´m coughing quite badly and my nose is running like, like a lot. Luckily I don´t have a fever, thank god. If I would have that then Mom would definitely go crazy! It´s my first time to be actually sick (more than a runny nose) and parents are a bit overwhelmed. Mom is. I think Dad is too, but he´s not showing it. A tough guy, you know. But I like that, Mom cuddles me and holds me all the time and doesn´t want to put on the floor to play. I actually understand her, the apartment where we live in is in an old house and the walls have holes in them. Basically, yes.

There’s one more „nice“ thing about living in an old house. Spiders. Yep, HUGE ONEs. This morning, in the sink, one tried to attack Mom. It was so horrible. Mom´s heart stopped when she saw it. She tried to flush it down the sink, but the massive thing resisted badly. Mom had nothing else to do than just kill it. Yes. A murderer. And what´s even better! He wasn´t alone, the bastard, there was two!!! Can´t wait to get our new home!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On the new home note. Mom went to the Design thing on Friday. She found a couch which suits parents demands and looks totally awesome!! Whooop! They are quite happy. I´m too, Mom told it´s very comfy and that I´m going to like playing on it! Even if I´m getting a baby brother or sister one day, we can both fit in there. So nice!

Weekend was fun, saw both my grandparents and many friends whom I haven´t seen a long time. I also had a birthday on Saturday! Yes, I´m 5 now. 5 months! So big already. I also received many gifts! One grandmother gave me a soft toy – a monkey, the other gave me a book and a friend gave me a set of three green frogs. I liked all my presents very very much! Thank you, my sweeties! Oh, I also got a cake! We stayed in the Alutaguse Sports Center and there is a little cafe, and they surprised me with a birthday cake. So sweet of them!

Unfortunately, Dad had to work all weekend so I saw him like a few hours, but I understand. I had a lot of girl time with Mom and girlfriends. I actually liked that. They all love me and want to hold me and it makes me feel cute!

I didn´t get to participate on the Marathon myself. Dad didn´t let me. He told, that I´m too little and that´s too dangerous. I don´t know. I really wanted to get another medal. But okay, I try to understand that bicycle is one thing and skiing that Dad has done his whole life is different and bicycles have to wait until I´m even bigger than I´m now. In the summer maybe? Dad?

As I´m sick then tomorrow´s swimming lesson isn´t going to happen. Trying to get back to health as soon as possible. For today I have also no special plans. After a little nap, I´m going to make carrot and beet purees with Mom. So tomorrow I have new things to eat! Btw, in the weekend was my first time to eat a cucumber! It was good. As it was a bit cold then it was so good to scratch my gums with it. Oooh, cucumber, want it now!

Aand we had a long chase for an inhaler. It took three cities but now I have my brand new my own inhaler! It has toys on it – a smiling bear and a happy bunny!

I wish you all a lovely week and don´t get sick yourself too! Sending you my love!

Tobias, the sickbutsweetashellmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset




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