Sorry for the delay, saw a doctor.

I had an extraordinary doctor´s visit today! Don´t worry, I´m all okay. I just had a bad cough this night and Mom&Dad wanted to make sure that I´m all right, so Mom managed to get me a doctor´s appointment for today´s afternoon. The doctor lady was very sweet and told Mom that they have done everything right – used the inhaler and put the goose grease ointment on my chest and under my foot soles. My lunges are clean and the doctor lady told, that a few more days and then I should be healthy as a horse! Wohooo!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So today I have been outside quite a lot, and slept quite a lot. We woke up around 10 o´clock, then had a little playtime with Mom, had breakfast, some of us watched the Bold and the Beautiful and then we headed out for my midday nap. I slept until 14.20, then had a little bite, Mom changed my diapers, and then out again. Tooooo much fresh air! And too little chance to move myself. I was a bit moody and tried to throw my bunny outside the pram, I almost succeeded!

After the doctor´s visit we did a little grocery shopping. Parents are eating so much yoghurt, that they should do a maxi order from some retailer. I counted, they eat 13 yoghurts in a week. That´s a lot! Should change the morning yoghurt for a porridge. So much cheaper. Parents, where is your economical thinking!?

Oh, them. So, when we headed back home, the fresh air kicked in again, and yeees, I fell asleep. So today is all about sleep. Hope the evening is going to be better and actually have a chance to play! I received a lot of new toys on Sunday, they miss me and want me to play with them. Soon, darlings, soon!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Parents made me an ID card. It is ready, finally! Okay, it took like a week or so. Now we can actually go to Finland! I don´t know yet how pretty I look on it, but Mom was supposed to go and get it tomorrow, then we´ll see. I think I look the awesomest. There´s no other chance.

And now, now I hugggg you with my cutest chubby arms and wish you a nice evening! Ciaociao!

Tobias, the I´malmostwellmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


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