Yeap, I’m definitely developing.

You know what? I went to sleep yesterday you know. And then the sleep went away. And what did I do? I chilled just by myself! I made some circles in the bed and talked with myself and with my bunny and I DID NOT cry at all. So proud of myself!

Then finally, after having a big laugh, parents decided to join me. We had such a nice midnight cuddle and then, then they put me to sleep in my own bed. Oaaah, I know! And yes, you guessed it. I instantly fell asleep. In my own bed, did you hear me??? So cool. I like that.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Of course, when it was time to eat, Mom put me into their bed and she instantly fell asleep the second I was glued to her breast. But I understand. She´s used to sleeping while feeding me, so she didn´t manage to put me back to my bed. But okay, she´ll get better with this new arrangement, I know. Needs some time to get used to the new thing.

But still. I´m proud. And I hope that today´s evening is going to be as good and easy!

Today, some crap is falling down the sky. Yes, you heard me. I´m not going to make it look any prettier. The weather is nasty. Prrrr. When I´m done with my nap, then we´re going to pick up my brand new ID-card.

Then, then we´re going to Ülemiste with Mom. She NEEDS new pants. The ones she has worn like a year has holes in them. Yes, she has one pair of pants she actually likes. What a lady. And then. Then we´re going to pick up Dad and go to Oot-Oot studio. That´s an awesome brand who´s going to make us a couch! Parents want to see some fabrics and discuss some stuff. And then. Then to Rocca al Mare! Still haven´t get Mom’s watch back. Maybe this time we´ll manage to get it. Really hope!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

And by the time we get back home, it’s already my sleeping time. I know. I have experience with parents and their shopping. Oh well. What can you do.

Tomorrow I´m going to see my grandma and my uncle´s soon to be wife. Hopefully! Then parents have a reason to clean home again. You should all come to visit me. Then our home would all the time be pretty and clean! And maybe less spiders. Mom, yes, go and clean!

Maybe I´m letting you see my pretty pretty photo on the ID card tomorrow. Depends how pretty I look. If I´m way too handsome then I´ll pass. But we´ll see.

Hope you survive the crappy weather and still have a fabulous day!

My love to you!


Tobias, the sleepman


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