I got my vlog up, almost as promised

Hi guys!

Since I’m on a vacation and I promised to take a week off from blogging, here’s a video of my last week for all of you to see.

Right now I’m working on getting my tan and enjoying the spa.

Hope you all have an extremely cool week!

Hugs and kisses,

Tobias the SPAman



I have an announcement!

Didn´t have the time to write a post yesterday. I was sleeping. A lot. But now I´m rested and full of life! Had the doctor´s appointment yesterday too. I weigh so little. I´m so disappointed. So.. what do you think? Am I over 10kg? No! I´m not. I´m only 8690g and 68cm. Quite little I have to say. Can eat as much as I want, no weight watching! Summer, here I come!

Now I´m eating meat too. I like it! I think. It had a weird texture, but I´m getting used to it. Mom made me a beef puree with carrots. The doctor lady told yesterday, that rabbit is also a good meat to eat. So hoping, that parents buy that too. Haaaa. Eating my little bunnies! Life is cruel I have to say. But baby needs its food. Sorry bunnies!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As we´re going to SPA on Sunday then Mom bought some store food for me to eat. So far I have only eaten a plum puree which was from the store. That was quite bitter, but I tried to eat it. Now Mom bought beef and vegetable puree and a porridge with blueberries. Hope they taste nice! Mom has a thing, she doesn´t buy HIPP products, don´t know why. Salvest and Ella´s Kitchen sounds more.. Clean? Although they might not be. Oh, who knows! I don´t. For me it´s important that it tastes nice. And fills my little chubby tummy!

Yesterday we had a little grill evening with my grandparents at my uncles place. They are babysitting my nieces. Unfortunately my sleeptime is so early that we came home with Mom. Dad came a bit later. He had some important stuff to do. Maybe someday I´ll tell you about it! Hint – it’s awesome!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I had my training session. And you know what, this time I went to the big boys class! Yes, I did! It was way more fun, although all the exercises were so hard. I´m still a few days older than 6 months you know. After that, I was so so tired. I slept all the way home and then we went for a walk with Mom and I slept like 2 hours or so more. And now, I have to say that I have been up for 45 minutes and I´m sleepy again. How come, I don´t know!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow we´re going to a kitchen salon with parents. To discuss some important stuff about our new kitchen. It sounds really fun and I can´t wait to see all the different colors and materials..

After that, you know what, my other grandparents are coming to visit me! As my other uncle turns 30 tomorrow, he´s celebrating his birthday in a winebar and as I´m a baby, I´m not invited. Someone has to babysit me. So my grandparents are doing that. It is the first time, when someone else is going to babysit me. I try to be a realllly good boy, but I can´t promise I won´t cry. Maybe I´m going to miss parents, don´t know. We´ll see it tomorrow, but finger´s crossed!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As tomorrow is quite a busy day then I´m not sure, that I have time to write to you. And it gets even worse. As starting tomorrow Dad has a vacation and we´re doing all sort of fun things next week, then I´m taking a week off. Yes, I´m sorrrry. A week off from bloging, but not vloging! Mom promised me to vlog all our fun things, so next Sunday hopefully my vacation vlog will be up! This week Mom has vloged too a bit, so maybe I´ll make you happy and put this weeks vlog up this Sunday too. Hope that in Saaremaa there is decent Internet. Should be, right? Oh, Mom, book me a massage, don´t forget!! Who goes to a SPA and doesn´t get a massage? Not me! I´m going to be one spoiled little brat someday, I know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

If I´m not going to write to you sooner then I hope you have a lovely weekend, a nice week and that you will be happy as a puppy! I know I am! Can´t imagine, a WHOLE week with Mom and Dad!! That sounds so awesoooome! Oh.. sounds too good to be true!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay now, kisses kisses kisses!

I heart you!

Tobias, the weekoffman









I’m more than 6 now! Old enough for my own room.

I´m a big boy now! Yes, half a year and one day old. That´s a lot I have to say! I feel myself like.. like a grown man already. Even my hair has grown so much over the night.

Yesterday was my birthday, as you all already know. I had a lovely relaxed day with Mom, had a long walk, did some grocery shopping and even slept quite nicely after my midday nap. And then, suddenly, Dad came home! It was way too early for him to come home. And then, then we went out and there was my grandma. Like, what the heck, I thought. It turned out, that parents went to see our new home and I had a little walk with grandma.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When parents came back, they were a little overwhelmed. Our new home will soon be ready! My room even had its walls painted and everything.. Oh my, my own rooooom!! Can´t wait for that. So much room to play. Although I think I´m not going to sleep in there, at least at first, but I think when I´m a bit bigger (like a few months or so) then it will happen! When Mom can let me gooo! She´s a bit clingy you know.

Parents are actually in a difficult situation. They have no idea when our new home will be ready, no one tells them. But they have to say a month ahead to our apartments owner when we will move out. That could mean that they will tell him that we move out, like on 1th July, but actually we´re going to get our new home on 14th July. Then we will be homeless for a while! So everyone, who would like to spend time with me and give us a shelter, let me know!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay, enough with that exciting theme! Now about me! As you know I´m 6 months and 1 day old. I have little hair, 3 mm or so. Mom believes I will be a redhead. As my Dad is. No one believes her. But I do! I will be a redhead!

My nails grow way too fast. Sometimes I like to scratch myself and Mom when I´m sleeping. Then we are both beautiful in the morning.

I´m quite heavy. How much exactly, I can tell you tomorrow, then is my doctor´s appointment. Dad thinks I´m about 10 kg. I don´t know.. Maybe! And the height, 72 maybe? Again, tomorrow the doctor lady will tell me!

I like to be on my tummy all the time. And I crawl a bit. But it only happens sometimes. I´m quite lazy you know. I also like doing frog jumps. It looks like that – I´m holding myself up from the floor, then I´ll put my knees down, bring my arms near the knees and then I jump! It´s funny, Mom told me. Mostly because I land on my nose.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

What else? I have many toys. But the most exciting ones are my play mat and Mom´s computer base. It´s made from wood and it´s so good to chew it. Oh, that reminds me! I still have no teeth. Dad told, that maybe I have as bad teeth as Mom, so they´re already broken inside the gum and there are no tooth left to come out. Don´t know. Maybe!

My best friend is Ella and I really like hanging out with her. I have many other friends too, who I really adore. I´m really happy that all parents friends are very fond of me and like to play with me. So I´m never bored! Although I actually quite fancy playing on my own too.

And my favourite food is rice porridge with a little banana! That reminds me.. I can have meat now! Mom, where´s my meat? Will I have a shoulder piece today?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

But okay, that´s too long already, that post. Hope you have a wonderful day and you know I love you!

Tobias, the illhavemyownroomman


I’m baaaaaaaack!

Ciao! I´m in an Italian mood, Mom made pizza yesterday! Her computer was broken, so what else to do than to bake! Unfortunately that meant that I couldn´t write my post. But I hope you understand! Luckily Dad managed to get that old piece of crap back to work, so my posts shall continueee!!

Today is supposed to be a good day, at least the weather is so nice and warm! It´s over 20 degrees here in Viimsi, it´s the warmest weather my eyes have seen and my skin has felt. Have to celebrate it. Maybe with some ice-cream.. have to think about it. Okay, thought and done. I think it´s a good plan. After the ice-cream and a little walk, we’re going to the east with parents! To visit my grandparents. And tomorrow we´re going to visit my great-grandmother, she has a birthday! She´s such a cool lady you know. I really fancy her!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On Sunday I invited some of my friends to a little hiking chill with me! As on Monday, it´s my 6th month birthday (yes, I can´t believe it, I´m already so old!!!!),  I thought I want to see my friends and do something with them. So we are going to hike in a bog and then grill sausages on the fire and drink lemonade! The weather is supposed to be all warm and sunny, so I think it´s going to be a good good day! Some of my friends can´t make it, but I know that they will make it up to me!

Mom is a bit confused how to dress me. The weather is warm, but the wind may still be cold.. Or isn´t it? She doesn’t want me to get ill, but she knows, that if I´m feeling hot, then I´ll whine and whine and won´t sleep. So she has to think carefully what to put on me. I´m a bit tetchy you know. She is also wondering how other moms protect their children´s eyes.. Do your babies wear sunglasses? Or you just won´t let the sun shine on their faces? That´s quite impossible? It´ so hard to be the first baby! Have to suffer from all the tests of which things work and which doesn´t. Ohhh. At least my baby brother will have a better life!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I’m actually waiting for the next weekend. Then my uncle turns 30 (old man already!), we’re going to celebrate that on 2 evenings in a row. Then, then my parents are celebrating their 1 year marriage anniversary, and then we’re going to a spaaaa! My last spa-trip was already like, 2 months ago or something. That´s too long. One third of my life! This time we´re going to GoSpa in Kuressaare. Parents told me, that it´s the bestest spa in Estonia where they have been. I hope they don´t lie to me! You better not. And I want a baby swimming lesson and a massage too, don´t forget that Mom!

So-so much fun is ahead! Oh, and yes, my birthday too. That´s in the beginning of the week, and then maybe some swimming and training lessons.. And on Wednesday my neighbours will maybe hold me. Parents want to go to a Red Bull party. Party animals, phh.. Nice parenting.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have such a hard life you know. But okay. I´ll end this babbling now! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sun and my warmest hugs!

Tobias, the sunman

I went on a date, to see a movie!

I know I have been bad. Bad bad boy! Not writing to you so long. Sorry. I have been busy. As I’m actually now too. This post is written in a cafe, I am a fancypancy baby you know. My conscience just didn’t let me pass one more day without writing to you.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I went to see a movie. It was my first time and I liked it. It was a baby-cinema. Although the movie we watched wasn’t a kids movie. But the event was meant for moms and babies. It was a very very sad story and Mom cried. Ella’s mom cried too. The film is called Mom’s list. We didn’t sleep much with Ella, everything was way more interesting than sleeping! All the lights and the big screen and other babies..

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the movie, we came to the city with Mom. We had a lovely lunch, even Dad joined us! Mom didn’t see a point in going back home because we have to be back in the city around 5 o’clock again. To give me to Dad. Yes, we’re going to have a boys night! So excited! I believe we’re going to have a great night. Doing grocery shopping, playing, eating porridge and everything!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

And I’m going to work with Dad, there are many many really awesome girls! Hope they are going to play with me a lot! (Update, they did!)

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom is having a little girls time out again. She’s actually going to a Fashion House opening with a friend. Maybe the fashion house sells some baby stuff too and Mom buys me something nice! Fingers crossed.

Yesterday.. what did I do yesterday.. I went to a cafe, yes! Mom had a lunch date with two of her girlfriends. They needed to discuss some important stuff. After that we had a long stroll in the city. It was quite nice. I slept like a baby the whole time!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom is quite into this vlogging stuff so you’ll see all my doings in a video too. I think this weeks vlog is going up on Sunday night or on Monday.

I have to tell you, that I have a new fun skill. Blowing bubbles and whistling. It’s so much fun! I like to do these things especially when I’m eating. Then the the porridge flies everywhere! Yes, I’m a big boy and I eat porridge now. It ‘s just a bit, but still! This happens before my night sleep. As you all know then in next Monday I’m already half a year old and then I’m going to start eating some meat tooooo! Can’t wait for that to happen! Still a man you know. Give me my meat.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

But okay for now. Tomorrow I have a free day from different stuff and I’ll write to you again!


Tobias, the movieman

Dad is leaving..

I have to admit, I have found the magic in pacifier. Yes, it finally happened! I don´t know why, but I started to like that. Parents are hoping that I fall asleep now without being glued on Mom´s breast. Yesterday it didn´t happen. This morning it happened! This midday it didn´t happen. I thought that I can´t be too good all the time, so I let Mom to suffer a bit more.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After my nap, we´re going to the city with Mom. She has to run some errands. We´re going to pick up some pictures she ordered and then we´re going to visit my granddad. Dad´s suitcase and my pram´s sitting part is his hands, need to take these with us. Then we´re going to pick up Dad and in the evening, we have a dinner date with our neighbours! Today´s menu is fresh springrolls. One of the neighbours (the male one) told, that he´s too fat and he´s on a diet. Wondering how many bears they are drinking with Dad tonight. Need to balance the fresh eating, you know!

Have to remind parents, that we can´t be too long in neighbours place. Dad needs to pack his luggage and then he needs to play with me. A lot. He is going to be away 4 days!! 4 days!!!! That´s too long. We haven´t been a day apart and now, 4 days. Ohhh. Think I´m going to make Mom mad. Luckily, she has organized us many activities, so maybe she won´t go crazy. I know, many moms have to be alone all the time, but this is the first time for us.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow Ella with her Mom are visiting us. Wait, before that, we have a gymnastics lessons. It´s the first time! I´m already so excited, it sounds so fun! But we´ll see tomorrow. Then, after the gymnastics, they are visiting us. We´re planning to walk a lot and eat ice cream a lot. I like that plan! I´m going to show Ella all my toys and we´re going to have a fabulous time!

Then, on Friday, Mom´s classmates are going to visit us. We´re going to make pizzas and play a lot. And then play a bit more. Haven´t seen them for so long, last time was Viimsi´s flea market. It was 2 months ago. About time! Wondering which gifts they are bringing me..

And then, on Saturday. Then my grandma is going to see us! She´s going to stay overnight. Oh, so much fun! Haven´t totally decided what we´re going to do on Saturday, but grandma wanted to go to Vintage Tallinn (it´s like a flea market kinda thing). Hope the weather is nice too, then we can be outside a lot and enjoy the fresh air.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So, a lot is happening this week. Hope I have energy to be happy and bubbly all the time! Maybe if I sleep nicely, I can survive. I´m not sure if I have time to write to you tomorrow and the day after, but I’ll try. If I can´t make it, then don´t be sad. Mom promised me to vlog our doings and seeings, so you´ll at least see me some day, when the vlog goes up.

Until then, I hope you have a nice week, today is Wednesday, so the weekend is coming soon!

Sending you my warmest hugs and prettiest smiles!


Tobias, the pacifierman

A quick change of plans.

Today was such a rebel day. Yes, we were suppoed to go swimming. But we went shopping in Ülemiste instead! Just like that.

Okay, actually it wasn´t just like that. At 8.45 when Mom woke up and discovered, that the clock is already so much, we hurried to get to swimming for the right time. When we arrived at Reval Sport (that´s the place where we go swimming) Mom couldn´t open the gate with her wristband. It´s supposed to open when you put your wristband near the sensor. But it just didn´t open! Okay, so we parked our car on the street where you´re not supposed to park and went inside to check out, what´s the reason. It turned out, that our 10-time swimming card was instead 8-time swimming card. We had no access because our package was over!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As Ella and her Mom ran a little late, then moms decided, that they’ll ditch the swimming and go shopping instead! Such a good plan! I like shopping and Ella was also quite happy about that decision, so we spent a few hours in Ülemiste instead. Shopping is also a sport you know! We ate in Blender and had such a fab time!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Last night Dad discovered that his ID card´s validity period is over. He´s supposed to go for a little trip this weekend, so there was an opportunity that we have to drive to Dad´s parents house this evening. His passport is there. Luckily my uncle is in east, so he can take Dad´s passport with him when he comes back to the city and we don´t have to take up that trip. It would have been of course good to see my grandparents, but the drive would have been quite pointless. We can watch Eurovison instead!

Oh, Dad ordered me new walkie-talkies! Or they are the real thing, I´m not sure. Anyhow, they just arrived and now, when parents put me to sleep outside or something like that, they can even hear me when I wake up and when I´m crying! The old ones we had, IKEA ones, they are broken. Mom threw one of them on the floor. Maybe that´s the reason they don´t work. No, she wasn´t mad at me. It just happened. Or maybe she was mad.. noo.. I don´t think so. Mom is not that kind of a person who does such things. Although she should release more of her tensions. It´s good for you, so have I heard. Like me. When something is wrong then I cry. Easy-peasy! All the tension disappears!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Did you know that this Sunday is Mother´s Day? It´s the first for me and Mom both! I have such a cool day planned, I´m already so excited! I´m a bit sad, that Dad arrives back from the trip in the afternoon, but at least he comes back! I hope I manage making the coffee and bringing the croissants to Mom´s bed without him. Maybe I struggle a little, but hopefully not much!

Now the washing machine is done and we´re going to put the clothes to dry with Mom. I promised to help her. So she wouldn´t do all the stuff herself!

Btw, I also ate carrot puree for the first time, it was delicious! Maybe the fact that Dad made it for me made it taste so good, don´t know, but good it was. And have to praise Dad for boiling carrots for his son at 11 o´clock in the evening! He is the bestest!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Don´t forget to watch Eurovision this evening! What´s your favorite song? To be honest, I have no idea which songs are on this year, but I´ll see it this evening!

Love you!

Tobias, the shoppingman




We had a trip and we have a vlog! Not kidding.

I survived the IKEA trip! Who am I kidding, I totally enjoyed it. The ferry ride was so much fun and IKEA itself was so much fun and everything, just funfunfun! In the end of the trip I was totally overtired, but I didn´t want to miss a thing so I fought so hard not to fall asleep. The sleep finally did conquer me, but I resisted hard! Ahh, no babbling about IKEA anymore, parents made a little vlog about our day, watch this instead!

Dad didn´t know that one estonian blogger has similar intro on her youtube vlogs, so next time we´ll make something different. But now, forgive us and enjoy! Btw, put the quality in the settings high, so you have a better quality!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Friday was fun too, went to Liisu´s birthday party, saw my cousin´s son after a long long time and had a fabulous time! My cousin gave Mom a huge bag of clothes, which are small for Carl (cousin´s son). That means, I have new clothes again! Big big thanks to you!! Can´t wait to wear all the stuff.

On Sunday, we were so tired with Dad, that we slept until midday. We would have been sleeping even longer, but Mom woke us up. Phhh. Ruined everything. But I understand, at 2 o´clock was the Red Bull event I talked to you last time. So we had to hurry!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Ate my lunch in my new feeding chair, it was so cool. I also got a very fancy robe to put on me while I´m eating, so I wouldn´t be all covered up with food. I looked so good! I think that I quite like my new eating stuff. Parents got me a peeing pot also. Yes! When I´m a bit bigger then Mom starts potty training me. Can´t wait for that to happen. I want to see, how I´m not peeing in the pot, instead on the floor or something. This is going to be awesome, hope that Mom films that!DFCEAF76-579A-4059-BE83-496AF56706E8

So, we participated at the Red Bull event, we weren´t running, we walked. Mom invited my uncle and his soon to be wife also with us. Had a lovely day with them! After a little walking, we drove to the old town, to get an ice cream from Gelato Ladies. Mom says, that they make the bestest ice cream ever!! It was totally delicious I have to say! And, I got to wear a jacket that parents bought for me when I was still in Moms belly. It is bright yellow and I am totally in love with it. I look like a little sunshine with it!

When our bellies were full of ice cream we drove back to Viimsi to my other uncles’ home. As we have a tiny tiny apartment then parents took some IKEA stuff we bought to their house. They have more room. And now we can move in our home again! So good. I can now maybe find all of my toys I have lost in the big mess we have.

Today we haven´t nothing much planned. Just a little walk and playing and cuddling! Sounds so nice. Chillax to the max!

What do you think of the vlog? Should they do more of these? Is it boring? What’s boring? What should they do differently?

Have a nice week everybody!

Kisses! And huggs. And kisses again!


Tobias, the funman