Guys, I have an announcement. Parents are out of control and selling my perfectly good wheels.

So yes, they are selling BOTH of them, to buy a new one, yes ONE instead of two since we are travelling to too many different locations that need different wheels all the time. I haven’t had the chance to test all their abilities and parts yet. But if you are interested, contact us wherever and whenever.


A solid pram in navy blue.

We wanted a decent pram that wouldn’t be afraid of any weather – snow, rain, hail, etc.

The Emmaljunga covered it all. It is sturdy, really easy to use and straightforward. Ours doesn’t have a double bottom or turning front wheels, but we knew from start that we don’t want these things. For winter we used sheepskin in it anyway for warmth.

Which we knew we want was an Emmaljunga that has a metal basket underneath so the stuff doesn’t drag along on the muddy sidewalks (+EJ-s with these frames are also narrower for maneuverability, which comes really handy in grocery store isles, car boots and they are not so heavy to lift). We didn’t get to use the pushchair part though, this is still waiting in the basement. But now it’s time to sell it.

The EJ has reflectors, a raincover, tube-tires and a mosquito net. So if anyone is interested, it is for sale for 390€! The pushchair part is not on the pictures, sorry!

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Mamas and Papas Armadillo XT

This Stroller seemed a really good option for us. It is easy to use, light(ish), has an enormous sunroof. It folds as a sandwich with fabric inside(so it wouldn’t get dirty) and you can do it with one hand. It (the XT model) has quite big wheels and turning(lockable) front ones. The baby part is really big and covered with soft foam. It is really nice to be in. It has a peeking hole with magnetic closure and the stroller is even okay to carry around by its handle. The baby will not boil to death since you can open an air vent. The pushchair has countless number of reclines up to full flat (so you can start using it as soon as you want). Oh, the baby is strapped with a 5-point harness, so it’s safe and has comfy soft seatbelt padding.

Additions we have bought and will come with the stroller (all original M&P):

  • Maxi Cosi adapters
  • Footmuff
  • Raincover
  • Safety bar
  • Mosquito net

This beautiful thing will be yours for 420€! And is still basically brand new, if you have read my blog, you know I just started using it.

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Yours truly,

Tobias, the nowheelsman


2 thoughts on “Guys, I have an announcement. Parents are out of control and selling my perfectly good wheels.

    1. Pole veel päris täpselt välja valinud, aga seoses igapäevaste käimistega peab see olema kindlasti SUURTE ratastega, mugav kasutada ja väga väikseks kokku käima. Mis neile tingimustele vastab, pole veel päris selge. On äkki soovitusi?


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