I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch to the sky..

I almost had the most exciting day ever! But Mom ruined it. We were in the bathroom, Mom thought she should look like a lady again and as yesterday she got rid of her hair, she thought she should do something with her leg hair too. Thought and done. I was chilling on my changing mat which is on the washing machine and Mom was epilating her feet. I was on my belly, watching cars which drove by and then I got bored. How long can you watch those cars? I discovered that I can move backwards! Yes, not forward, but backwards. Whoaaaa! I must show that to Mom!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom looked at me and smiled. Okay, I thought, now is the best time to show her! Mom turned her head for a second, I started moving backwards and when she looked at me again after 1 second, she was screaming. Weird woman I have to say. I was showing her how I can get down the changing mat myself and she screams. I had already succeeded to get my feet and my bum over the edge of the washing machine, only the upper body was left when she grabbed me from the washing machine. I was hoping I can fly! It´s only like a meter until the stone floor arrives, but still, fly! I would have been like a bird. Or a plane. Plane is more awesome, plane it is. But no, she ruined everything!

And I don´t know what got into her, she wouldn´t put me down! All she does is hug me. I don´t understand her a bit. Maybe when Dad gets home she pours her something strong, so she would get over her weirdness or something. Clingy, yes, that´s the word! I don´t mind being hugged a little but that´s unnormal, lady. I want to play by myself! Put me down, you woman!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Other than that, the morning was fun. Got to play by myself, without being smothered and then we had a nice long walk in the park. I really like that the weather is warm. I can wear my favourite teddy sweater all the time which grandma gave me. I love that sweater. It´s the cutest!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When Dad gets home and I get rid of Mom, hopefully, then we´re going grocery shopping and must do some chores too. Tomorrow is the wine club and this time it happens at our place. Mom is thinking about doing something with ramson, but she hasn´t figured out what exactly. Maybe she´s clingy again tomorrow, then she can´t do anything. Then we order pizza and everyone is still happy! I like that plan actually. Wait, not the clingy part.

Oh well. Hope you had better day than I did! Kisses to my lovely people!


Tobias, the flyman


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